How Microsoft Will Move To The Web 3.0, Blockchain Division To Expand

How Microsoft Will Move To The Web 3.0, Blockchain Division To Expand

Tech giant Microsoft will expand its blockchain team, according to this department Director of Strategy and Transformation, Blockchain, and Cloud Hardware Supply Chain Yorke Rhodes. Via his Twitter account, Rhodes called on potential candidates and everyone “obsessed with Turing complete, scarce programmable objects”. Related Reading | How Microsoft Is Building A Decentralized Internet On Top […]

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Citi Set To Expand Digital Assets Division With 100 New Hires

Multinational bank Citi is on a hiring spree to expand its blockchain and digital assets division. The company first launched its digital assets division in June this year. Now, it plans to grow the division by hiring 100 new people. Related Reading | Why Citi Is “Slowly” Building A Crypto Infrastructure, CEO Says As part of […]

Microsoft Working to Bridge Its Services With the Metaverse

Microsoft, the software and computing behemoth, is seeking to adapt part of its software service stack to the metaverse. Ihsan Anabtawi, CMO of Microsoft UAE, declared that the company was working to make its cloud division compatible with metaverse experiences, and to allow companies to use the data obtained as resources for their specific applications. Microsoft Preparing for the Metaverse Era Microsoft, one of the biggest software companies in the world, is one of the companies that considers the metaverse part of a digital future for consumers as well as for institutions. As part of....

Microsoft Looks to Expand Blockchain-Based Toolkit with Ripple Integration

Fresh from launching its Ethereum-powered blockchain platform for customers of its cloud platform Azure, Microsoft has revealed it intends to add Ripple, an interledger protocol to its blockchain-based toolkit. Microsoft originally made the announcement to offer an Ethereum-blockchain solution for its customers after striking a partnership with ConsenSys toward the end of October. The objective was simple. Collaborate with the Brooklyn-based startup to grant Microsoft's enterprise users the necessary tools to use the Ethereum Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS). The applications would allow....

Microsoft, EY Expand Blockchain Platform for Gaming Rights to Include Payments

Microsoft and Ernst & Young LLP announced plans to use a blockchain platform to allow Microsoft’s Xbox gaming partners, artists, and content creators to track and manage their payments and royalty contracts.

BitPay: Microsoft Has Aggressive Global Vision for Bitcoin

"Our industry does not respect tradition - it only respects innovation." It was with those words that Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella sought to prepare his team for fiscal year 2015, the remarks following a lengthy period of decline in prestige for the global brand as it fell out of step with reigning tech giants like Facebook and Google. To BitPay chief commercial officer Sonny Singh, Microsoft's decision to embrace bitcoin is part of the company's campaign to change this perception. While the Washington-based company has only added bitcoin as a payment option for US digital goods consumers,....