Interview: Bitcoin In Nigeria With Ahyke Otutubuike

Interview: Bitcoin In Nigeria With Ahyke Otutubuike

This episode of "Bitcoin In Asia" hosted Nigerian writer Ahyke Otutubuike to discuss the state of cryptocurrency in his home country. The post Interview: Bitcoin In Nigeria With Ahyke Otutubuike appeared first on Bitcoin Magazine.

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FinTech in Nigeria Set to Grow

Nigeria is set to become Africa’s FinTech hub after experiencing a boost in mobile money operations last year that has helped catapult the country to the forefront of media attention as it demonstrates its advancements in the sector. According to a report from Finextra, in 2011 mobile money operations in Nigeria grew from an average monthly transaction value of $5 million to $142.8 million in 2016. A key factor to this growth is down to the fact that Nigeria is experiencing a growing population. UN estimations predict that the population in Nigeria is expected to be greater than that in....

Bitcoin Is Of Keen Interest To The Central Bank of Nigeria

However, this news may indicate the Central Bank of Nigeria wants to mimic what Bitcoin brings to the table. The idea of using cryptocurrency in Africa has a lot of merit. With lower transaction fees and global availability, Bitcoin makes for a strong candidate. In Nigeria, the idea has gained a valuable supporter, as the Central Bank of Nigeria shows an interest in cryptocurrency. An exciting future looms for cryptocurrency in the country, albeit specific details are hard to come by. For the time being, it remains somewhat vague as to what the Central Bank of Nigeria aims to achieve. It....

Over 100,000 Merchants In Nigeria Now Accept Bitcoin Payments

Consumers are also investing in Bitcoin as a way to hedge against future Naira depreciation. Bitcoin remains a popular cryptocurrency, despite its value dropping like a brick over the past 48 hours. In Nigeria, Bitcoin continues to be embraced by consumers and enterprises. Most people still see it as an investment vehicle, but it also a valuable tool to bypass expensive remittance solutions. The future of Bitcoin looks bright in Nigeria, and things continue to improve. Similarly to most African nations, Nigeria heavily relies on affordable money transfer services. Bitcoin provides the....

Bitcoin Will Persist In Nigeria, But The Ban Changes Things

Cryptocurrency trades were central to Nigeria before an exchange ban reminder was recently issued. So, how will things change now? The post Bitcoin Will Persist In Nigeria, But The Ban Changes Things appeared first on Bitcoin Magazine.

Bitcoin Remittance Chances For Nigeria Are Slim To None

The bad news is how companies looking into this business model will need to convince the Central Bank of Nigeria about their intentions. Money transfer services are prone to disruption by new technologies. Many people feel Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies are a legitimate threat to remittance services. But in Nigeria, MoneyGram will continue its operations, as they are officially recognised as a trusted money transfer provider. This news comes on the heels of various remittance platform shaving their licenses revoked two weeks ago. It will not be easy to venture into the money transfer....