Bitcoin Likely to Hit $11,000 Before $12,000 as Price Hits Key Resistance

Bitcoin Likely to Hit $11,000 Before $12,000 as Price Hits Key Resistance

Bitcoin is likely to drop towards $11,000 in the coming days, analysts say. The cryptocurrency is likely to do so as it has formed a strong rejection at the $11,400 resistance level, which has been a level of importance for the asset on a short-term and long-term basis. Bitcoin Likely to Drop Towards $11,000 as Key Resistance Holds The analyst that shared the chart below says that Bitcoin will likely hit $11,000 before it rallies […]

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An Exciting Time for Bitcoin Traders Looms

The 2nd arc of the 3rd arc pair has stopped bitcoin price for three days now. The arc is being tested again as these words are being typed. The resistance line drawn in pink is also still holding, but continues to be tested several times a day for the past few days. My belief continues to be that the resistance will fail shortly, though there is always the possibility that the arc resistance will hold and force price lower. However, I tend to think that if that were going to happen it would have happened already. Buying strength seems strong. When/if the arc fails, as I expect, as you can....

Bitcoin Price Looks Positive as It Hits the 400 Mark

Bitcoin price broke out of resistance to surge past the $400 mark. Current outlook puts it at $410-$420 by the end of this week. Bitcoin price just crossed the $400 mark! The digital currency has been struggling between the $370s and $380s for weeks before it could break out of the resistance and surge ahead. The increase in price can be contributed to different factors, starting with people trading their altcoins for bitcoin as altcoin prices are exhibiting a downward trend. Last week ethereum saw an unprecedented increase in value after the price peaked to an all-time high of 0.0171 BTC....

BitcoinAverage Report: Bitcoin Price Hits 2016 High

Bitcoin (BTC) markets rumbled with bullish intent this week, as the bitcoin price advanced 9.3% to $470, the highest level reached 2016. Despite visibly low volumes, a continued uptrend lasted through the week, breaking resistance levels with little to no retracement. Charts show an uncanny resemblance to a pattern that began on Sept. 20 and lasted through October, right before an exponential burst in price to a 15-month high at $504. Price action appears to be gearing up for what might turn out to be a BTC reward-halving bubble! The above four-hour chart shows that, for a while since Apr.....

Bitcoin Price Hits Resistance

Bitcoin price breached the 4-hour 200MA in most exchange charts today as buyers eagerly piled into advance. At the time of writing, the market has become quiet, and if a larger decline will grip the market, then the time is now. The decline target remains at the previous low near $365 and 2450 CNY. If the market trades yet another wave to the upside and fails to breach the resistance ceiling, then we will have an indication that trend will turn back down. Bear in mind that a final corrective wave (such as this) typically resembles advance right up to the moment of decline.

Bitcoin Price Technical Analysis for 29/5/2015 - Hitting the Resistance

The consolidation in Bitcoin has been prolonged as neither the bulls nor the bears are interested in exerting pressure at the moment. With price action staying muted, these are definitely testing times for the traders who are positioned in this sideways market. Bitcoin is marginally positive from yesterday, rising 0.2% to $235.88. Technical analysis of the 240-minute BTC/USD price chart reveals that even as the cryptocurrency hits the resistance for the third time, the momentum is tilted in favor of the sellers. Bitcoin Chart Structure - The chart above tells that Bitcoin recently made the....