DueDEX is Paving the Way, Launching Fee-Free LINK/USDT Futures Trading

Bitcoin Press Release: DueDEX announces its industry-first zero-fee LINK/USDT Futures Trading, opening new paths to diversification and profitability.

30th September 2020, Belize City, Belize: With new exchanges cropping up, trading becoming ever-more popular, and the interest in Crypto and DeFi rising by the day, the trading market has been crying out for something special to hit for quite some time.

That moment comes now, as DueDEX releases news of its zero-fee LINK/USDT perpetual swap trading. This means that no trading fee or monthly membership fee will be charged for either takers or makers, and it’s unconditional and permanent. Coupled with no KYC (Know Your Customer) and hassle-free access, DueDEX becomes the first crypto futures exchange to offer free trading experience.

This news will come as a breath of fresh air in a market where fees on perpetual contracts sit well above 0.05%. Having the freedom to now make profit on break-even trades, and to generate that extra bit of profit when liquidating is fantastic news for traders. DueDEX now extends its reach into the market, having established itself as one of the most powerful algorithmic trading systems, which can be used by asset managers and everyday traders alike.

Catching the DeFi Wave with LINK

What’s more, is that DueDEX is leading the field, boasting the lowest fee rate in the market for this contract. The announcement comes perfectly placed in the wave of DeFi interest – with Chainlink (LINK) being one of the most prolific DeFi projects to emerge this year, having changed the game by providing an oracle for real world data to enter the blockchain. The market has already cottoned on to its immense potential – and with prices up over 500% in a year, traders could very well be poised to make record-breaking returns when trading LINK/USDT on DueDEX. 

Bo Wang, CEO of DueDEX had the following to say about the release of zero-fee LINK/USDT trading: 

“We are branching out into new things all the time at DueDEX, but this is the first time we can offer unconditional, permanent zero fees. With DeFi surging, we have been looking for opportunities to further diversify our offer, with a special attention to algorithmic traders and asset managers, who will find the perfect product in our new contract.”

He went on to say:

“There is little doubt this news will be welcomed by our traders, as it is a big step toward improving its trading profitability. For the same reason, we are eyeing the possibility of adding more zero-fees contracts in the near future.”

LINK/USDT joins the established and successful perpetual trading pairs BTC/USDT and ETH/USDT on the DueDEX exchange. With the community at the heart of the DueDEX mission, leverage will be set at a maximum of 50x to promote risk management and protect users from unexpected downturns. This is the first time DueDEX has offered unconditional, permanent zero fees.

A Year of Progress

2020 has been a fantastic year for DueDEX, and zero-fee LINK/USDT trading only adds to the progress made this year for the exchange and traders alike. February 2020 saw the release of the DueDEX Risk Manager, which gives users a statistical edge over risk, allowing them to place orders, or make adjustments on the fly, by setting up the risk level, Stop Loss, Take Profit, the percentage of equity and risk-reward ratio with “one-click” trading execution.

With so much happening this year on the DueDEX exchange and within the DeFi ecosystem, the question is obvious: 

When will you take advantage of zero fees for LINK/USDT contracts?

30 Second Sign-up: https://www.duedex.com/register

Check out the DueDEX API: https://github.com/DueDEX/API-Documentation 

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