Miami’s Mayor Considers Putting Some of City’s Treasury Reserves in Bitcoin

Miami’s Mayor Considers Putting Some of City’s Treasury Reserves in Bitcoin

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez is exploring putting a percentage of his city’s treasury reserves in bitcoin. Miami is currently working on accepting the cryptocurrency as a means of payment for city services and taxes. The mayor believes that “Bitcoin has been a stable investment during an incredibly unstable year.” Miami Could Invest Some of City’s Treasury Reserves in Bitcoin Francis Suarez, the mayor of the U.S. city of Miami, Florida, has been discussing with the crypto community about putting a small percentage of the city’s treasury reserves in bitcoin. The....

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Brazilian mayor to reportedly invest 1% of city reserves in Bitcoin

Rio de Janeiro mayor Eduardo Paes talked about Bitcoin with Miami mayor and BTC bull Francis Suarez at Rio Innovation Week. Eduardo Paes, mayor of Brazilian city Rio de Janeiro, wants to allocate 1% of the city’s treasury into Bitcoin (BTC), Cointelegraph Brazil reported.Paes reportedly announced plans for “Crypto Rio,” or turning the city into a cryptocurrency hub during Rio Innovation Week on Thursday, according to a report by local news agency O Globo.The mayor spoke about Rio’s cryptocurrency-related ambitions in a panel with Miami mayor and Bitcoin bull Francis Suarez, who started....

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Mayor Francis Suarez wants to make Miami a Bitcoin mining hub by offering the city’s cheap, clean nuclear energy supply. With Bitcoin (BTC) mining concentration expanding in North America, Miami mayor Francis Suarez is looking to position his city as a hub for crypto mining activity.Speaking to CNBC on Thursday, Mayor Suarez said he is inviting foreign mining companies to consider establishing data centers in the city.According to Suarez, Miami’s ample nuclear electricity supply should attract Bitcoin miners looking to adopt clean energy sources for their operations, especially amid the....

Miami Mayor To Take Full Paycheck In Bitcoin

A “boss move,” said the city’s CIO, that makes Mayor Suarez the first known U.S. politician to get 100% of a paycheck in BTC.