The upcoming DEX SWAP SERVICE will be made by the Insider Protocol team

The upcoming DEX SWAP SERVICE will be made by the Insider Protocol team

The Mechanics of the Future team who stands behind the cross-chain Insider Protocol project is going to make its own DEX SWAP SERVICE. Details about the launch date of the swap service will be announced in the coming weeks. We will keep our readers updated and publish more information on our Bitcoinist media. For now, […]

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Coin-Swap is going to retire their markets for about half of the altcoins currently listed on their site. This was publicly mentioned today around 7:30 AM Eastern in the #coin-swap IRC channel on Freenode by Ian Childress, owner of Cryptocurrency of America, the company that built Coin-Swap. This move comes just day after the sale of Coin-Swap to PayBase, the company behind PayCoin. Childress's company will continue to operate the site. Editor's note: The article has been amended to remove an error. Ian Childress of Coin-Swap and Josh Garza have clarified that it was not Josh Garza or....

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