Reader Survey: Bitcoin’s 2020 And 2021

Reader Survey: Bitcoin’s 2020 And 2021

In case you hadn’t noticed, 2020 was a bit wild. And many of the unprecedented events of the year directly impacted Bitcoin and its value proposition. A pandemic-driven wave of economic stimuli highlighted the need for a truly incorruptible store of value, potentially motivating institutional adoption of BTC. A growing authoritarian political climate alerted many to the need for pseudonymous and independent money. And the Bitcoin community itself grew stronger, with a range of companies and projects developing new and improved services to leverage the technology. A sustained bull run and....

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Bitcoin’s Strong 2020 Could Bring A Bumpy 2021

Bitcoin proved its store-of-value narrative in 2020, but its growth could bring increased regulatory scrutiny in 2021. The post Bitcoin’s Strong 2020 Could Bring A Bumpy 2021 appeared first on Bitcoin Magazine.

Bitcoin overtakes tech as most crowded trade, says Bank of America survey

“Long Bitcoin” has once again flipped “long tech” as the most crowded trade based on Bank of America's recent fund manager survey. In another throwback to the 2017 bull market, a major United States bank fund manager survey, or FMS, has put Bitcoin at the pinnacle of positive investor sentiment.According to Reuters, 36% of respondents identified a long Bitcoin bet as the most crowded trade ahead of long tech in a Jan. 2021 survey from Bank of America.January’s report marks the first time that ‘long tech’ has not been number one in BofA’s fund manager survey since Oct. 2019. The result also....

Bitcoin will likely reach $60K in 2021, says analyst

63%of 800 respondents in the U.K. are planning to buy Bitcoin in 2021, according to a new survey by Bitcoin (BTC) is likely to hit $60,000 in 2021 amid the growing mainstream adoption, according to an analyst at major financial publication Cohen, a senior financial analyst at, predicted that Bitcoin will likely reach a $60,000 level in the first half of 2021.According to Cohen, Bitcoin’s growth in 2021 will be fueled by support from institutional investors combined with the “flush of ultra-cheap money being pumped into the global financial....

Survey: Almost one in five adult Australians own crypto in 2020

Australia’s overall crypto perception improved in 2020 but adoption among women is still lacking. A recently published survey by the cryptocurrency exchange platform Independent Reserve shows nearly 20% of young adults in Australia own virtual currencies in 2020.According to the 2020 edition of the Independent Reserve Cryptocurrency Index (IRCI), Australia’s general crypto sentiment improved significantly compared to 2019. Indeed, figures from the IRCI survey put the 2020 crypto index at 47, a gain of over 10% from its previous value of 42, published in the 2019 reportThe survey, which....

Wall Street Survey Says: Bitcoin To Close 2021 Under $30K

A CNBC survey of 100 chief investment officers and portfolio managers shows the majority think Bitcoin will end the year below $30,000. 2021 started with an unbelievable run, in which Bitcoin seemed to defy overbought signals, taking its price to $65,000 by mid-April. Since then, a wave of bearishness has taken hold as FUD report […]