Analyst: Bitcoin Would Rocket to $20k if It Were to Breakout Today

Analyst: Bitcoin Would Rocket to $20k if It Were to Breakout Today

Bitcoin’s price has been struggling to gain any serious momentum over the past few days This has come about due to the stock market’s sideways trading, which is still holding heavy influence over that of BTC The cryptocurrency is facing some heightened selling pressure due to bearish developments within the market, but bulls have been absorbing the heavy influx of sell orders Where the entire market trends next may depend largely on Bitcoin One analyst […]

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Dogecoin Price Rocket-Ship Runs Out of Fuel

September was a very bullish month for Dogecoin, as several positive announcements restored investor faith in the coin and increased the Dogecoin price. Dogecoin even reclaimed a top-five market cap ranking. However, during the month of October the Dogecoin price has declined considerably. Perhaps the rocket ship to the moon has run out of fuel. Also Read: Dogecoin Creator Responds to Moolah Bankruptcy with Additional Concerns. Dogecoin Price Rocket-Ship Runs Out of Fuel. It takes a lot of fuel to send a rocket-ship to the moon-especially when the ship has more than 87,000 passengers....

One More Crash Required Before Bitcoin Hits $20K: Analyst

Bitcoin remains at risk of crashing below $10,000 even as its long-term fundamentals look incredibly bullish. The benchmark cryptocurrency could fall into the $8,000-8,500 area, according to a trade setup presented by a TradingView-based analyst. It showed BTC/USD in a “breakout zone” above historically relevant trendline resistance, now approaching a sell-off area defined by the $12-000-14,000 range. The $12,000-14,000 area comes with a historical significance as resistance. It, on more than eight occasions, has capped […]

More Pain for Bitcoin Ahead as Price Breaks “Legacy Trendline,” Says Analyst

Bitcoin (BTC) is at risk of extending its ongoing downside correction as it breaks below a so-called “legacy trendline.” As spotted by an independent, pseudonymous chart analyst, the said trendline was acting as a support to Bitcoin since March 2020. On September 30, the BTC/USD exchange rate fell below the price floor and flipped the Ascending Trendline into resistance. The pair lately tested it twice for an upside breakout, but with no success. The TradingView […]

Bitcoin Price Watch: Breakout On Today

At the end of last week, we widened out our range a little bit and headed into the weekend looking to draw on our intra range strategy in order to take advantage of volatility in the bitcoin price. Action has now matured over the weekend, and as we head into a fresh European week, we are going to revert back to out standard bitcoin price breakout strategy for today's session. So, with this said, here are the levels we are keeping an eye on today, alongside our predefined risk management parameters for the session. Take a quick look at the chart to get an idea of where we are heading. As....

Bears and Bulls Continue to Battle Over Bitcoin Price

The price of bitcoin has fallen since our last piece, this time hovering around $573 at press time. Some feel this was to be expected: things haven’t taken much of a turn since the Bitfinex hack, and news regarding Russia’s latest stance on bitcoin has been slow to hit home. Continued Uncertainty in Bitcoin Markets. One source describes the lack of activity: “Overnight action was relatively flat, and we didn’t manage to get into any positions with the range we had highlighted.” Since last week, no significant changes have occurred in bitcoin’s status, but the analyst remains hopeful:....