Charting The Course: This Indicator Sparks Confidence In Bitcoin Rise To $27,000

Charting The Course: This Indicator Sparks Confidence In Bitcoin Rise To $27,000

For Bitcoin (BTC), the largest cryptocurrency in the market, the month of September has seen a lack of definitive strength from both bulls and bears, resulting in a period of sideways chop and rapid bouts of volatility.  Material Indicators, a prominent crypto analysis firm, sheds light on the prevailing market conditions and highlights the intricacies of short-term price action (PA) against the backdrop of the macro sentiment. Unpredictable Market Conditions Prevail As BTC Seeks Direction Despite a bearish macro sentiment, where a broader downtrend is anticipated, short-term price action....

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The MVRV indicator shows that Bitcoin currently hasn’t reached the top yet, and the crypto may still have room to grow. Bitcoin MVRV Ratio May Show The Top Hasn’t Been Reached Yet As pointed out by a CryptoQuant post, on-chain data suggests MVRV ratio values are still low right now, implying that the coin hasn’t yet made the top. The Market Value to Realized Value (or MVRV in short) ratio is a Bitcoin indicator that’s defined as the market cap divided by the realized cap. MVRV Ratio = Market Cap ÷ Realized Cap The metric’s value tells us whether BTC’s....

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Dogecoin price ranged between 50 and 55 satoshis throughout yesterday's trading sessions on Hitbtc. Today's trading volume on both Cryptsy and Hitbtc seems to be higher than yesterday's, so there are better chances to see dogecoin price rise again to approach the 60 satoshis mark during today's trading sessions. By studying the 4 hour Hitbtc (DOGE/BTC) chart from and plotting the William's Alligator indicator accordingly (look at the below chart), we can notice the following:- Although dogecoin price dropped down well below the seemingly strong support level at 52 satoshis....