Bitcoin Startup Bitmarkers Disrupts $140 Billion Real World Casino Industry

Bitcoin Startup Bitmarkers Disrupts $140 Billion Real World Casino Industry

From the time Bitcoin first gained traction with a passionate user base, many of its supporters have enjoyed using the digital currency for online gaming, with a number of online Bitcoin casinos building services to satisfy this emerging market.

Bitcoin startup Bitmarkers is taking this concept one step further, bringing Bitcoin gambling to real world casinos in Las Vegas and other global destinations. With Bitmarkers, anyone from around the world can fly to Las Vegas, book hotel rooms, and play in participating casinos on the strip using Bitcoin. Bitmarkers’ players enjoy easy access to markers at casinos, no transfer fees, and instant trust establishment with casinos. For many players, Bitmarkers can dramatically lower total trip costs and post-trip follow up requirements. The startup also provides value to casinos, helping them reduce costs and increase revenue while simultaneously providing players with a secure, low-cost, and frictionless method to play in real world casinos.

The Bitmarkers platform is fundamentally designed to use Bitcoin as a tool to make trips to Las Vegas and other destinations more convenient. Players who join Bitmarkers receive an account which they can use to seamlessly play at all participating casinos on the Las Vegas strip. The Bitmarkers team is also establishing an online player community, which will offer discounts and other promotional offers. Ardon Lukasiewicz, CEO of Bitmarkers, has emphasized his focus on using technology to provide a unique experience for players, recently asserting that “Bitmarkers is deeply dedicated to its members and building an exciting extension to the Bitcoin community. We want people to be a part of a new use of this technology that makes their lives better.”

Bitcoiners, industry professionals, and players worldwide can sign up for Bitmarkers’ beta at

Bitmarkers’ founding team brings years of experience in the casino and financial services industry, which they have combined with their passion for Bitcoin. Ardon Lukasiewicz, founder of Bitmarkers and brother of VC-backed Coinsetter’s CEO, is the Senior Financial Analyst for MGM Resort’s flagship property Aria, the largest privately funded construction project in U.S. history and has been involved with Tony Hsieh’s VegasTech since its creation in 2009. Previously Ardon was co-founder of Ticketometer, the world’s first crowdfunded event and concert service. James Wilson, Bitmarker’s CTO, has actively worked with companies in the Bitcoin space for over a year both as an investor and entrepreneur. Previously, James was the CTO of the successful and popular Bitcoin company Bitspend, which allowed customers to spend their Bitcoin anywhere, regardless of whether the merchant accepted Bitcoin or not.

About Bitmarkers allows members worldwide to use Bitcoin to play in real world casinos, deriving bottom-line benefits to both casinos and their patrons. The company is focused on simplifying the live gaming process, as well as providing new revenue streams to live casino operators. Bitmarkers is based in Las Vegas, NV, founded by a team with years of casino, tech and financial services industry experience.

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