AlphaPoint and Bring First Digital Currency Exchange to Caribbean

AlphaPoint and Bring First Digital Currency Exchange to Caribbean

Financial Services Inc. (, the leader in digital currency exchange software, today announced that ( will deliver the first digital currency exchange for the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) powered by the AlphaPoint Exchange platform.

The Caribbean is one of the fastest developing market places in the world and yet the region's available payment solutions are limited and expensive. Bitcoins present a unique opportunity for every single person and business in the Caribbean to buy and sell products and services across borders immediately and with the lowest transaction fees of any institution. is closing the gap between vendors and customers by delivering the Caribbean's first bitcoin Digital Exchange using the AlphaPoint Exchange platform.

“Caribbean people and businesses need access to digital payments, just like everywhere else in the world,” said Oliver Gale, chief financial officer of

“In delivering a digital currency service we selected the proven AlphaPoint Exchange platform which is designed from the ground up to deliver extreme uptime, robustness, extensibility and manageability.”

“With the Caribbean Digital Exchange there is little need for traditional electronic payment providers like PayPal in the region,” he continued.

“Demand for digital currency investments is growing exponentially in the region and is the first to fulfill this demand using AlphaPoint’s Exchange platform,” said Rick “Henri” Chan, COO of AlphaPoint.

About the AlphaPoint Platform

With state of the art technology, AlphaPoint enables businesses to integrate with the fabric of digital currencies such as Bitcoin, litecoin and other emerging forms of digital exchange. AlphaPoint provides four solutions

• AlphaPoint Exchange platform, a full-blown exchange with matching engine, risk system, order gateway, and market data feeds.
• Account Integration, Empowers a wide array of institutions from websites to banks to link directly with existing user accounts to process digital currency transactions.
• Exchange Liquidity, provides single point access to all the major Bitcoin exchanges, abstract businesses from the volatile exchange ecosystem.
• Ticker Plant, provides aggregated, high quality market-data from all major Bitcoin exchanges.

About is the first provider of electronic currency services to the Caribbean Community (CARICOM). By working with member countries it is ready to deliver payment and investment services based on the next standard in electronic payments.

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About AlphaPoint

AlphaPoint is setting the standard in the rapidly growing digital currency exchange market by leveraging the founding partners’ deep expertise in financial engineering, high frequency trading, automated financial transaction systems, and financial systems integration capabilities. The result is a fast, reliable and scalable platform solution that is operational and proven in the market today. AlphaPoint’s licensed technology is already delivering leading class transaction speeds (1MM transactions/sec) and volume that is unachievable by current web-based models, Exchanges around the world are selecting AlphaPoint’s technology platform for the modularity and flexibility to adapt to a variety of currencies, assets, applications and transaction models as customer needs evolve. AlphaPoint is headquartered in New York, NY, with offices in San Francisco, CA.

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