Sacramento Travel Agency Begins Accepting Bitcoin for Cruises, Vacations, and Honeymoon Packages

Sacramento Travel Agency Begins Accepting Bitcoin for Cruises, Vacations, and Honeymoon Packages

Ships and Trips Travel, an award-winning Sacramento travel agency with over 13 years in business and 115 travel professionals is the latest company to join the many merchants now accepting Bitcoin.

Last year proved to be a defining year for Bitcoin as prices rose and more businesses began accepting the digital currency. For the most part, Bitcoins are used to buy online goods and services, but there are still plenty of businesses looking to fill the gap and provide services for the growing Bitcoin community.

Company spokesperson Matt Risse, also partner at Ships and Trips Travel , says Bitcoin is a great technological advancement and by partnering with Bitpay they are able to extend their wide range of travel services to cater to the Bitcoin community.

“We want our customers to be happy”, says Risse. “For awhile Bitcoin was something to question, but with Bitcoin now being accepted by so many businesses — including the Sacramento Kings, it’s obvious to see the demand. And Bitcoin enthusiasts are not shy about what they want to see. We’ve had several people ask if we accept Bitcoin, so we decided to make it happen.”

The travel industry has been slow to adopt Bitcoin, with some of the more notable examples being Virgin Galactic, who began accepting Bitcoin for space travel in November of last year. The interest in using Bitcoin for travel first gained ground through a documentary launched on Kickstarter called “Life On Bitcoin”, where newlyweds Becky and Austin Craig chronicled their lives for 90 days, using only Bitcoin to pay for what they needed to survive. Even with the exposure and press gained through their adventure, Bitcoin travel options are still very limited.

Ships and Trips Travel hopes to accelerate Bitcoin adoption in the travel industry by accepting Bitcoin for cruises, vacation packages and honeymoons. This makes using Bitcoin for travel as easy as using “fiat”. Ships and Trips Travel are long time partners with 27 of the largest cruise lines in the world; including Carnival, Disney Cruise Lines, and Viking River Cruises. Their other partners include hotels and resorts at destinations around the world. In other words, with Ships and Trips Travel now accepting Bitcoin, there is a slim chance that you will have trouble using Bitcoin to travel anywhere in the world.

If you would like more information on Ships and Trips Travel, please direct media inquiries or questions to the contact form on their website or by calling 1-877-347-9092.

About Ships and Trips Travel

Ships and Trips Travel is a Sacramento travel agency that specializes in planning all-inclusive honeymoons and travel cruises. With over 115 travel professionals and over 13 years in business, Ships and Trips Travel has all the experience needed to make your dream vacation a reality.

Ships and Trips Travel:

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