To Boldly Go Where No Crypto Has Gone Before – New SciFi Coins Exchange Launches With Star Trek Coins

To Boldly Go Where No Crypto Has Gone Before – New SciFi Coins Exchange Launches With Star Trek Coins

On Saturday the 25th of January 2014, the first science fiction focussed cryptocurrency exchange launched; allowing science fiction fans worldwide to trade Bitcoin and Litecoin for new Star Trek fan based currencies Gold Pressed Latinum, Klingon Empire Darsek, United Federation Credits, UFO, and Battlestar Galactica inspired Cubits.

The SciFi coins website states that their mission statement is “To boldy go where no crypto-coin has gone before…”. The goals of the SciFi coins’ team is “To provide exposure for sci-fi themed crypto-coins and cross trading opportunities for these. To seek out new community members that share such passion for all things sci-fi and wish to join others in the crypto-coin/commodity movement. To open new markets and trading opportunities for all goods and services with the transaction based on a sci-fi coin. To encourage community unity and meaningful growth. To Live long, and Prosper.”

While the SciFi coins community may seem to take a light hearted approach, their coins are serious business; they are excited to see how their coins will be utilized by the online science fiction community in future, as a medium of exchange. Colonial Treasury Cubits (QBT) is a SHA256 based coin, while The United Federation of Planets Credit system (UFC) is blake-256 based, with the Klingon Empire Darsek (KED) being a scrypt based coin.

As the cryptocurrency ecosystem worldwide continues to explode in popularity, niche coins serving specific communities, such as the SciFi Coins, most likely have a bright future. With their dedicated dev team, supportive community and the launching of their very own SciFi Coins exchange; the SciFi Coins community is just getting started on their own journey to seek out strange new worlds.

To trade on the new SciFi Coins exchange please go to:

To learn more about the SciFi Coins please go to:

Visit the SciFi Coins forums at:

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