Bitcoin and Digital Currencies Being Studied for Carbon Reduced Housing in Vancouver

Bitcoin and Digital Currencies Being Studied for Carbon Reduced Housing in Vancouver

The Digital Finance Institute is pleased to announce that it is providing thought leadership to the THNK School of Creative Leadership’s Executive Program on “The Future of Capitalism” in January 2015 to explore how digital currencies like bitcoin, can increase access to low-carbon housing.

“We are excited to participate in THNK’s innovative program addressing globally impacting issues like climate change and fintech innovations like decentralized currencies to find meaningful solutions to social and economic problems,” says Christine Duhaime co-founder and Executive Director of the Institute, a think tank based in Canada.

“Digital fintech, like Bitcoin, is disrupting our financial system which will have significant impact on all facets of the economy and lead to greater financial inclusion. Participating with THNK in the context of climate change initiatives using digital finance with some of the best and most innovative global leaders is a fantastic opportunity for both organizations,” she added.

“From a cultural and emotional perspective, capitalism has depended on a majority of people believing in a system we’re now willing to change. What happens if we look at this system through a design-thinking lens? How might we radically evolve capitalism to meet the needs of all the participants in this system in a better way than we’ve historically done. At the intersection of venture design and innovation leadership, we are uniquely positioned to convene a diverse group of changemakers around reframing the potential positive impact of new economic systems. The Institute set the bar very high for the type of collaborations we enact,” says Sarah Dickinson, co-founder of THNK.

The Digital Finance Institute is an institute for independent research and innovative regulatory and policy solutions related to digital financial technology. It focuses on achieving balanced regulation and integration that supports financial innovation to reduce financial inclusion problems, supporting women in fintech, and advancing climate finance initiatives.

THNK is a C School based in Amsterdam and Vancouver that combines venture design and innovation leadership to create a transformational creative leadership for a better future. It’s a practice and a community that’s humble, curious, and forward-looking, a global network of leaders with a shared intention for impact.

Digital Finance Institute

THNK School of Creative Leadership

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