NorthPayments, a leading payment processor in the UK, collaborate with to introduce an alternative payment option for customers

NorthPayments, a leading payment processor in the UK, collaborate with to introduce an alternative payment option for customers

NorthPayments, a leading UK-based provider of online solutions, will be the first European Payment Gateway to accept payments via Bitcoins. Bitcoin is a form of digital currency, created and held electronically. Bitcoin uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority or banks. Bitcoins are, by nature, irreversible, meaning that this new service will provide an alternative payment method to  customers.

NorthPayments make online payments via Bitcoin easy and secure. NorthPayments currently has over 220 payments options available for its 20,000+ merchants and is always looking for additional innovative and secure payment options to increase the conversions for current and future merchants. This service will give merchants another method of payment to offer customers and potentially increase sales. was founded by Christian Kirk Zøllner in Denmark, providing a leading Bitcoin Payment Processor. The two payment processors are now working together to allow customers to pay with Bitcoin and for merchants to benefit from this option. Payments with Bitcoin are easy and quick and there are no chargebacks as all payments are final. No third party approval is required and merchants can undercut competition in pricing with a charge of no more than 1% for transactions. NorthPayments’ CTO, Mark Tillotson, views BitcoinPaygate as a valuable addition to the company. “We are continuing innovation and are forward thinking”, Tillotson says, and adds that “BitcoinPaygate is a strategic partnership.”

Flexibility and security are paramount to operations conducted by NorthPayments. Clients benefit not only from the expertise and experience of NorthPayments but also that of all partners, as well as gaining competitive advantage from the depth and breadth of shopping carts supported by NorthPayments’ systems.

In an ever-growing payments industry and global internet economy, NorthPayments now process applications even faster, with approvals in as little as 72 hours while also maintaining the highest levels of security. Integrated advanced security is standard across NorthPayments’ payment network and scalable pricing plans reflect business profiles by adapting to suit individual requirements and budgets.

NorthPayments’ Customer Service Help Desk is available so that clients can speak directly to a member of the friendly, knowledgeable and efficient staff, and all systems are monitored 24/7, 365 days of the year. This is particularly useful for merchants’ global, non-stop business.

About NorthPayments

NorthPayments is a leading provider of payment services enabling businesses to transact online safely, fast and with ease. By allowing companies to process payments quickly and in multiple currencies with confidence and ease, NorthPayments increases revenues whilst reducing risk and costs of doing business. Supporting FTSE listed companies as well as small businesses, NorthPayments is transforming online business.

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