Bitnik Launches Reload, a Solution for Automated Bitcoin Repurchasing and Reporting

Bitnik Launches Reload, a Solution for Automated Bitcoin Repurchasing and Reporting

Reload binds your Bitcoin wallet to your Bitcoin exchange account. Now you can relax and spend your bitcoins on goods and services, while Reload rebuys on the fly, making sure that your bitcoin supply doesn’t get smaller.

Bitnik, a Slovenian based start-up and BTM operator, launches Reload, an universal service that binds your Bitcoin wallet to your Bitcoin exchange account: whenever you spend bitcoins from your wallet, Reload will use your exchange account to immediately repurchase the same amount of bitcoins. Now you can relax and spend your precious coins on goods and services and be sure that your bitcoin supply doesn’t get smaller. BTM operators can also take advantage of Reload and replenish their supplies from a number of different exchanges.

CEO of Bitnik Peter Trcek states:

"It's amazing how Reload, in one solution, offers both exchange integration for BTMs and enables users to re-buy Bitcoins automatically after making Bitcoin payments. Volatility is no longer an issue."

Reload is completely anonymous and does not hold user's bitcoins. All that is required is an email address, single wallet address and exchange API credentials.

Currently Reload supports over 20 exchanges (Coinbase (brokerage), Bitstamp, Kraken to name just a few and we are adding new supported exchanges according to popular demand. In general, Reload currently supports any wallet that uses a single address.

Setting up Reload is quite easy and completely free!

About Bitnik

Bitnik is pioneering innovative startup of Bitcoin enthusiasts aiming to support Bitcoin adoption, operating Lamassu BTM in Slovenia since May 2014, offering service and support to merchandisers accepting Bitcoin for merchandise. Bitnik has created the highly acclaimed video "Bitcoin in Ljubljana", and operates the Reload service for reliable automated Bitcoin repurchasing and reporting.


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