DNotes Live on Cryptsy For Bitcoin Trading, Growth of Ecosystem With World’s First Cryptocurrency Savings Accounts Continues Unabated

DNotes Live on Cryptsy For Bitcoin Trading, Growth of Ecosystem With World’s First Cryptocurrency Savings Accounts Continues Unabated

Stable Bitcoin alternative DNotes has just been added to reputable Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange Cryptsy. DNotes offers a complete digital currency infrastructure; including the world’s first Cryptocurrency Investment Savings Plans.

DNotes is pleased to announce it has recently been added to reputable digital currency exchange Cryptsy. Operating for over 2 years, Cryptsy has more than 270 000 registered users with over 300 000 trades taking place on the platform every day. Cryptsy accepting DNotes helps solidify DNotes’ extensive ecosystem; which includes the world’s first long term cryptocurrency savings plans (CRISPs), DCEBrief.com which offers the latest digital currency news for busy executives, DNotesVault guaranteed safe coin storage, and women oriented cryptocurrency neutral platform CryptoMoms.com.

Now that DNotes is on Cryptsy, there is the possibility of a DNotes / USD currency trading pair in future. If that occurs, DNotes’ innovative Cryptocurrency Investment Savings Plans will be even more accessible to everyday people worldwide. The DNotes’ team has plans for their own in-house DNotes / USD trading platform, but no hard launch date has been announced as of yet.

About DNotes, CRISPs, and Alan Yong

Launched in February 2014, DNotes is led by experienced tech entrepreneur Alan Yong. Yong founded Dauphin Technology in 1989 and created the Dauphin DTR, a powerful windows-based miniature computer that competed with Apple’s Newton computer that evolved into the iPhone we know today.

DNotes is a currency for everyone – unborn to most senior, rich or poor. Over the last year DNotes successfully launched the world’s first Cryptocurrency Investment Savings Plans (CRISPs) for employees, children, students, and retirement. CRISPs provide a 100% guarantee matching fund verifiable on the transparent blockchain and embedded in DNotesVault.com infrastructure. For the first time, DNotes’ CRISPs and DNotesVault allow anyone worldwide to take advantage of the unprecedented opportunities provided by digital currency.

About DCEBrief

DCEBrief’s mission is to provide objective, unbiased news on the latest developments in the world of Bitcoin and Digital Currency, in “Executive Summary” format, with no censorship or fillers. DCEBrief offers decision makers, busy executives and everyday people worldwide access to the information they need, to help them understand the often misunderstood Digital Currency industry.

DNotes’ latest project to launch is http://DCEBrief.com/

About CryptoMoms

In 2014 DNotes founded Cryptomoms.com, an online community to encourage and assist women to participate in the emerging world of cryptocurrencies overwhelmingly dominated by men. Surveys from 2014 show that 95% of cryptocurrency participants are male even though women account for 50% of the buying power. CryptoMoms is a platform fully equipped with a forum, chat, information pages and a full guide on how to store, buy, and sell digital money. It is clear that in order for digital currencies to become truly mainstream the gender imbalance must be corrected.

To visit DCEBrief please go to: http://DCEBrief.com/

To learn more about DNotesVault and CRISPs please go to: http://dnotesvault.com/

To trade DNotes with Bitcoin on Cryptsy please go to: https://www.cryptsy.com/markets/view/NOTE_BTC/

Follow DNotes on twitter: http://twitter.com/dnotescoin/

DNotes is the source of this content. Virtual currency is not legal tender, is not backed by the government, and accounts and value balances are not subject to FDIC and other consumer protections. This press release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest.

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