Bitcoin Friendly PureVPN Celebrates Black Friday and Cyber Monday by Offering 2 Years of Full VPN Protection for Only $49

Bitcoin Friendly PureVPN Celebrates Black Friday and Cyber Monday by Offering 2 Years of Full VPN Protection for Only $49

Black Friday and Cyber Monday bring a lot of excitement and joy, but it is also the opportune time for cyber criminals to strike. PureVPN  is now offering clients worldwide 2 years of PureVPN  and a 2 year SmartDNS subscription for only $49.

Favored by more than a million users globally, PureVPN has identified a number of serious security threats for internet users during the holiday season, especially on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. While a lot of people are opting for PureVPN to enjoy Netflix and other streaming channels around the world, PureVPN has pointed out the most overlooked purpose of a VPN – online security.

Identity Theft & Illegal Use of Plastic Money
Identity theft is one of the common crimes in the digital world ranging from personal information such as name, age, email address, home address etc., to financial details including credit card information, bank account numbers etc. PureVPN help secure critical information where it is most vulnerable.

Attractive but Fake Shopping Pages
A common scam are links to fake online shopping platforms sent from unknown senders. In this case the customer will end up paying money to a “store” that will never deliver the goods.  The best way to avoid these kind of scams are to avoid visiting unknown links. Due to the nature of the Internet it can be hard to separate these “scam links” from links to real stores thus it is wise to use a secure VPN connection such as PureVPN.

Hacking and Blackmailing on the Rise
It is becoming more common for hackers to spy on personal conversations on popular social platforms such as, but not limited to, Viber, WhatsApp and SnapChat. Intimate photos and personal information will then be used to blackmail the participants. In extreme but not uncommon cases the victim is expected to pay a ransom to regain control of their personal information. PureVPN encrypts the internet connection with up to 256 bits of encryption, and as a result, hackers are not able to steal the user’s information.

While addressing the online security issue on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the Co-Founder of PureVPN Mr. Uzair Gadit had this to say:

“While most VPN providers are focusing on providing unblocking options for various shopping and entertainment websites for the holiday season, PureVPN are going one step further and paying attention to the security aspect because that’s equally important, if not more significant, to many people.”

About PureVPN

Hong Kong based VPN provider PureVPN takes pride in being one of the top VPN names in the industry. PureVPN continues to dominate the industry offering 500+ servers on all continents for the best user experience, 88 000+ IPs for unblocking worldwide content and numerous add-ons for complete privacy and security. PureVPN recently added Bitcoin, one of the world’s most anonymous payment methods, to its services. Internet users and Bitcoin enthusiasts worldwide can now take advantage of PureVPN’s generous Black Friday and Cyper Monday deal and enjoy 2 years of PureVPN  and a 2 year SmartDNS subscription for only $49.


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