Bitcoin Lending Platform BTCPOP Celebrates First Birthday

Bitcoin Lending Platform BTCPOP Celebrates First Birthday

In December 2014 BTCPOP was founded in the UK as a peer-to-peer lending company within the bitcoin domain. Despite some hesitancy when it comes to using the crypto-currency, the company has expanded rapidly over the past year, with exciting features, such as Initial Public Offerings (IPO), being added and developed.

BTCPOP has established itself as a competitor within the bitcoin banking community as it challenges other bitcoin companies to match its low interest fees and the ability to take out instant loans; BTCPOP are the first company that offers such a service.

BTCPOP are storming ahead with ideas that make it unique to other bitcoin lending platforms – they are the only company that use an in-house collections service; offer 5% interest savings accounts; give users the opportunity to set their own APR limit; offer insurance backed loans and are the only company that use Ardeva Verification Services to verify new users.

One bitcoin user, Crypto Si, recently commented that

“The most exciting platform I've seen within the bitcoin space is BTCPOP; they are doing the most innovative things.”

Lee Bartholomew, CEO of BTCPOP, said

“My hope is to revolutionise the way peer-to-peer lending is done using bitcoin. I started the company because I wanted to change the way borrowers and investors collaborate. Now, transactions are instantaneous and hassle free.”

Despite some of the uncertainty that follows bitcoin in the UK, BTCPOP has proven that it is here for the long run.

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