Bitcoin Exchange Offers Virtual and Plastic Bitcoin Debit Cards and Much More

Bitcoin Exchange Offers Virtual and Plastic Bitcoin Debit Cards and Much More

Innovative Bitcoin exchange platform is pleased to announce instant virtual Bitcoin debit cards and a range of other essential services to the Bitcoin ecosystem. is a leading cryptocurrency and e-currency exchanger. It has been in the market of digital currency exchange since 2013. This digital currency exchanger is rightly seen as a global leader.

“There is no key to success. You just have to do your best. And only you can define your “best”. For example we are struggling hard to become the most efficient and universal service where everyone can find the solution for a problem. The way to our goal consists of providing high-quality services and keeping fees low”

,said the head of Partners department.

This digital currency exchanger offers its clients to get Unichange card in order to have the possibility to withdraw Bitcoin and Litecoin directly to card, without converting their cryptocurrency to fiat money first.

For this purpose there are two types of Unichange cards: virtual and plastic card.

Unichange plastic debit card is excellent tool for those who are looking for a fast way to withdraw Bitcoin or Litecoin to cash. It is acceptable where Visa cards are acceptable. So it can be used in shops, hotels, restaurants etc.

The main advantages of Unichange debit card are high limits (up to $500 000month for verified users, $2 500month for unverified users), low cost (14 USD12 EUR), fast and secure Bitcoin withdrawal.

Unichange virtual debit card is great for e-shoppers and those who want to pay for goods at online stores that do not accept Bitcoins. It has the same limits as the plastic card but its price is only 1 USD/EUR and delivery is instant.

Unichange debit and virtual cards can be connected, so users can transfer funds from their virtual card to plastic ones. Customers can order both cards – virtual and plastic – and as delivery of virtual card is instant users can start withdrawing funds to it immediately after activation. Funds on the virtual card can be transferred to the plastic card as soon as it has been received.

Besides Bitcoin withdrawal fees were reduced recently:

3% for withdrawal of Bitcoin to USD card
2% for withdrawal of Bitcoin to EUR card

It is worth to note that offers the wide range for withdrawal of digital currency. In such way the service meets the demands of different kinds of customers:

If they already have debit / credit card users can withdraw Bitcoin to this card directly, Litecoin and BTC-e codes can be withdrawn as well. If users do not have the card yet but would like to, they can order Unichange card and use in the same way.

If customers do not want to deal with cards at all but still need cash, they can withdraw Bitcoin and Litecoin to Western Union. Clients will be able to pick up their money transfer the same business day as the order is placed.

If clients need to exchange cryptocurrency to money of a particular e-payment system, they have this possibility too: coins can be exchanged to Perfect Money, Okpay, Fasapay, Paypal, BTC-e codes. Litecoin can be exchanged for Bitcoin as well. Most exchanges are completed in 1 business hour, so customers do not need to wait for a long time.

At the present you have the possibility to withdraw the cryptocurrency to Perfect Money in automatic mode: having got three confirmations, order with Bitcoin and Litecoin are processed automatically. In future even more exchange directions will be introduced in automatic mode. is striving to cover the needs of different customers, providing the unique and universal solutions for Bitcoin withdrawal and cryptocurrency exchange. There is no need to pay unreasonably high fees for a good exchange service. Unichange managed to find a happy medium being the fast and secure service, having the seasoned financial experts in the team and keeping their competitive fees as low as possible.

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