CoinDesk goes live

CoinDesk goes live

Welcome to CoinDesk. We aim to give you the best information and insight on digital currency and the technologies that develop around it. These are exciting times. Every day there are developments in price, investment, technology, crime and regulation. There are plenty of sceptics and a few optimists pushing new concepts and innovation. We created CoinDesk to fill a knowledge gap and answer questions people have around digital currency. That includes the 72-year old pensioner wondering how Bitcoin works, to the CFO of a Nasdaq company, or the prime minister of Cyprus wondering what....

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CoinDesk Live: Can Old Schools Teach New Tech?

On Oct. 6, we'll reveal the results of our first CoinDesk U ranking of the top-20 universities for blockchain education. Here's how you can watch it live.

CoinSummit London 2014: Live Video Stream and Agenda

The CoinDesk team will be covering CoinSummit London over the next two days, so stay tuned for daily updates from the conference's key speakers and panels. Invitation-only tickets for the event are still available, but there will be no sales on the door. If you're not able to attend, don't worry - you can follow all the action live on CoinDesk's Twitter feed (@CoinDesk) and via the CoinSummit Live Stream (below). To find out more about the speakers involved, alongside CoinSummit's 'startup showcase' winners click here. CoinSummit London 2014 Highlights. State of Bitcoin Q2 2014 - As....

LIVE: CoinDesk Covers the 2020 US Election and Crypto Impact

CoinDesk is covering Election 2020 live, with real-time analysis of its impact on the crypto space.

Everything You Need to Know About the New York Hearing on Bitcoin

Read CoinDesk's report on the first day of the hearing here. Read CoinDesk's report on the second day of the hearing here. Read VC Fred Wilson's reaction from attending the hearing. Read a roundup of the community's reaction to the hearings. You can watch the full video from both days here. Stay tuned to CoinDesk for more updates on developments, and be sure to follow us on Twitter for live tweets of bitcoin events. The New York Department of Financial Services is shortly to begin its hearing about bitcoin and other digital currencies. Taking place in the 4th Floor Boardroom of 90 Church....

Looking Back, Moving Forward: Crypto’s Most Influential in 2020

CoinDesk marks its seventh Most Influential list with two CoinDesk Live events Dec. 7-8.