Breathe ... bitcoin's just currency

Breathe ... bitcoin's just currency

The idea of bitcoin has a lot to recommend it. In particular, a global currency that requires few or no middlemen (thus keeping transaction costs low) has special appeal in a world where it seems like every bank and credit-card company is looking for yet another way to squeeze a few bucks or quid in "service fees" from customers who don't notice a lot of, you know, service. But it would be wise for even the most fanatical bitcoin devotee to remember this: bitcoin is still just a human invention. A highly clever and useful one, no doubt ... but still susceptible to all the human foibles and....

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Bitcoin can breathe new life into Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC), a 150-year old renewable technology stymied by economies of scale.

Bitcoin Just Set New Post-2017 Highs, and Analysts Expect Further Upside

Bitcoin has been caught within one of the strongest and longest-lasting uptrends seen since late-2017, with the cryptocurrency rallying to highs of $15,300 today while showing few signs of slowing down anytime soon. This uptrend’s intensity comes as the global markets breathe a sigh of relief as the elections in the U.S. begin winding down. […]

Blockchain is Back! Relaunches on Apple App Store, Completely Revamped Android Wallet App

Apple users and bitcoiners can now breathe a little easier. Six months after Apple removed the Blockchain wallet app from the App Store, Blockchain is back. The company made the announcement this morning, just days after the release of a completely revamped Blockchain Android app, which was initially unveiled at the North American Bitcoin Conference in Chicago. When the original iOS app was banned by Apple in January there were over 1,000 news stories that covered the development. Apple seems to have gotten the idea. Although Apple has not directly stated their support of Bitcoin and other....

Litecoin Price Technical Analysis for 27/5/2015 - Bulls Breathe Easy

Litecoin bulls have extended their resting period and wait for market triggers to prompt the next leg of this rally. In the past 24 hours, the virtual currency has traded in a very narrow band of $1.790-1.834 as bears fail to exert enough pressure to bother the comfortably placed bulls. Litecoin was last trading up 0.7% at $1.814. Technical analysis of the 240-minute Litecoin/Dollar chart reveals that the current price level is in close proximity to a support level, and any failure to hold that may result in a swift decline in the valuation. Litecoin Price Chart - In its present....

Built to fall? As the CBDC sun rises, stablecoins may catch a shadow

Will central banks allow stablecoins to survive? Maybe as a financial instrument for the unbanked or they will be able to peacefully co-exist? There’s a ferment brewing with regard to central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), and most people really don’t know what to expect. Varied effects seem to be bubbling up in different parts of the world. Consider: China’s e-CNY has already been used by 200 million-plus of its citizens and a full rollout could happen as early as February — but will a digital yuan gain traction internationally? Europe’s central bank has been exploring a digital euro....