Analyst predicts final chapter for Amazon Coins

Analyst predicts final chapter for Amazon Coins

A new report has predicted the demise of Amazon Coins, arguing that the initiative goes against industry trends and could incur a user backlash. 'Alternative Currencies: Is There Staying Power?' is a report from Mercator Advisory Group, which specializes in reports to the payment industry. It charts recent developments in four areas: cryptocurrencies, community currencies started regionally, in-game currencies, and loyalty points tied to payment cards. Jeffrey Green, director of the emerging technologies advisory service at Mercator, and author of the report, argues that Amazon bucked the....

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Amazon books its own currency

Amazon is launching its own currency later this month. Amazon Coins will only be exchangeable for Kindle applications and games and will only initially be available to US customers. The virtual coins will be valued at one US cent each, so a $2.99 purchase will cost 299 Coins. Amazon will prime the market by giving customers millions of free coins. Amazon said: "When Amazon Coins launches in May, we will give out tens of millions of dollars in Amazon Coins...". Application developers have already been asked to get their software in for review but no other integration is required. Developers....

Amazon Coins virtual currency now available on Kindle Fire

Amazon has thrown a handful of its online coins at its US customers. The bookseller has handed 500 "Amazon Coins" to each of its Kindle Fire customers. 500 coins are worth $5 and can be used to buy apps and games and also virtual items within games used on the ereader. To further tempt Kindle punters Amazon is offering ten per cent discounts on future coin purchases. Although US only for now we would expect the system to be offered elsewhere in the world soon. The Coins, for now at least, appear more like a loyalty card system than a fully-fledged currency. We assume Amazon hopes to boost....

Analyst Predicts Crypto Altseason Coming Early Next Year

Strong moves from Bitcoin this week have rekted altcoins in the process. In the last 24-hours, the leading crypto posted +8% gains to $18.2k. With its current run of form, many analysts expect Bitcoin to break its previous all-time high soon. Analyst ConnorNix predicts we’ll see a retest of $17.1k, followed by an upswing to […]

Creator Of The S2F Model Is Ready For “Second Leg” Of Bitcoin Bull Run

After a harsh correction period, the mysterious analyst known as PlanB predicts Bitcoin will reach unexplored heights. That’s what his famous and often quoted Stock-To-Flow or S2F model predicts, and so far everything seems to be going according to plan. PlanB, that is. The analyst behind the pseudonym refers to “the point of no return,” […]

SpectroCoin helps to spend Bitcoin on Amazon

London, January 26, 2016. UK Bitcoin service provider this month launched a new feature on its platform to allow clients to purchase Amazon vouchers with Bitcoin. Vouchers for,,,, and are available. “After the introduction of vouchers back in November 2015 we have seen a significant interest from our clients in other countries to be able to purchase vouchers from different Amazon shops, therefore, we added up another 5 Amazon stores to serve European and US customers” says