Bitcoin Market Cap Reaches 3 Billion

Bitcoin Market Cap Reaches 3 Billion

Following the news of Bitcoin hitting its all-time high on Tuesday night, Bitcoin's market cap has hit yet another milestone. Three billion dollars, in fact. The news comes just about a week the after market cap reached $2.5 billion - signaling immense growth. No doubt, the influx has very much to do with the excitement over the price getting higher (i.e. more people throwing their money in with anticipation the price will get higher). Bitcoin's market cap has grown so very rapidly, making many question when we'll hit the $4 billion mark. By year's end, perhaps?

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12 March 2016 – Ethereum hit a major milestone early this morning, reaching a market cap of 1 Billion US Dollars at around 3:15am GMT. Ethereum has enjoyed explosive growth since announcement of the “Homestead” beta phase of development, with a 22% jump in active nodes in a single day, and steady growth since. Ethereum has been the second most traded Cryptocurrency for over a month, but reaching this critical milestone puts Ethereum at a not insignificant percentage of Bitcoin, which holds the highest Market Capitalization at 6.3 Billion.

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