Could Price of Bitcoin Hit $1000 By The End of The Week?

Could Price of Bitcoin Hit $1000 By The End of The Week?

With the spectacular rate of growth we've been seeing lately with Bitcoin (I'm talking about the huge climb from $500 upward at the beginning of this week), is it possible that Bitcoin will hit $1000 by the end of the week? One week ago, the answer would have probably been "no", but given recent events, it's not entirely out of the question. No doubt about it, this is a bubble, and it's still got a ways to climb before it bursts. According to Forbes, a person described as "price forecasting analyst" has predicted the price of Bitcoin may hit $1,700 by the end of the week. After that, of....

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Price of Bitcoin Passes $1000 at Bitstamp

It should no longer be a surprise that the price of Bitcoin hit $1000 this week on Japanese exchange Mt. Gox, but now, another exchange has creeped up to the $1000 mark. That's Bitstamp, of course. The exchange, which has always trailed a ways behind Mt. Gox (except for recently when the price between Mt. Gox and Bitstamp were nearly equal) is now in the 4 digits - which really reinforces just how valuable Bitcoin has become. The question is: will the $1000+ price keep it up?

Bitcoin Price Climbs Past $1000 USD Again on Mt. Gox

After a small crash last week, and subsequent rebound early this week, speculators will be delighted to know that the price of bitcoin has once again climbed past $1000 USD at the Mt. Gox exchange. The news comes several days after the hover between $800-$900, leaving some very worried individuals wondering if we'd ever see bitcoins in the 4-digits again. Meanwhile at Bitstamp, the price is at about $956, with a climb past $1000 looking relatively promising in the next day, as a conservative estimate. The price jump will no doubt fuel more buys, bringing the price even higher. Will it....

Bitcoin Price Breaks $1000 USD at Mt. Gox

After weeks of anticipation, the price of Bitcoin has finally broke $1000 USD at the Mt. Gox exchange. Just under one week ago, the price of Bitcoin spiked past $900 USD, showing off tremendous growth of the digital currency. Meanwhile, the price per Bitcoin at other exchanges, with the price being $954 at BitStamp and $974 at CampBX. This is a huge milestone for Bitcoin, and the first time the digital currency has hit 4 digits.

Bitcoin Price Weekly Analysis – BTC/USD Offers Trade Opportunities

Bitcoin price is back in the bullish zone above $1000 against the US Dollar, and BTC/USD looks set for more gains possibly towards $1080. Key Points. Bitcoin price gained momentum this past week against the US Dollar, and moved above $1000. There is a crucial bullish trend support in the form of as ascending channel on the 4-hours chart (data feed from SimpleFX) of BTC/USD. On the downside, the $$1050 support area is the key and may act as a buy area. Bitcoin Price Bullish Trend. This past week was positive for Bitcoin price, as it broke the $980 resistance against the US Dollar. The....

Bitcoin Price Watch; Closing Out The Week

Here's a look at what we are focusing on in the bitcoin price this evening. We’ve come to the end of the week for our daily bitcoin price analysis, and it has been quite an interesting one, to say the least. After the initial sharp run we saw last Sunday (which came on the back of a previous run seen throughout the holiday period) and the follow-through heading into the middle of the week, price seemed to have had enough, and took a nose dive. The bitcoin price broke support at 1200, 1100, then 1000 – levels we had smashed through just days earlier, and fell to find what amounts to (albeit....