"Getting 40-50" New Businesses Added Daily has a simple mission. To point out, on a map, where businesses that accept Bitcoin as a form of payment exist. And as the value per Bitcoin has gone up tremendously, the community is seeing more and more business owners interested in accepted the digital currency. So it's probably not going to come as a surprise when we're told is getting in the neighborhood of 40-50 new businesses added daily. That's according to this post on Reddit by Ren Sylvain. Thus far, about 955 business have been added in six continents - 550 of which have been added in the last month. At....

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Just About 3,000 Bitcoin Businesses Listed on

Bitcoin and litecoin business directory is undoubtedly growing rapidly. The last time we checked up on the site, it had about 2,000 bitcoin businesses listed. Today, - which shows bitcoin businesses on a convenient map - has reached about 3,000 bitcoin businesses. More and more physical storefronts and businesses are turning to the digital currency for a number of reasons. These include no fees for merchants (the buyer pays the fee), no risk of chargebacks, and speed/ease of use. Meanwhile, has 274 litecoin businesses listed, not nearly as popular as.... Seeing Tremendous Growth, Approaching 1,800 Bitcoin Businesses

The last time we here discussed was late in November. The website, which allows businesses that accept cryptocurrencies to post their locations on a map for all to see, was adding between 40-50 businesses daily. At the time, there was about 955 businesses on the map. Today - is approaching 1,800 bitcoin (and litecoin) businesses. That number is 1779 bitcoin businesses and 63 litecoin businesses, of which exist on all continents except - you guessed it - Antarctica. At this rate, we'll see a break past 2,000 very soon, which is tremendous news for bitcoin holds who.... Surpasses 2,000 Bitcoin Businesses

Over 2,000 businesses that accept bitcoin have been added to That's according to the counter at the base of the website, which pegs the figure at 2038 bitcoin businesses and 107 litecoin businesses. Our last update on the topic (about ten days ago) put the number of business as "approaching 1,800" so the database of business is certainly expanding rapidly. was developed to allow bitcoin holders better find businesses in their area that accept the digital currency.

CoinMap: Bitcoin-Accepting Merchants Increased 81% in November

The number of physical locations that accept bitcoin has rocketed, according to statistics from's crowdsourced map. At the start of November, the number of entries on CoinMap stood at 552. This has nearly doubled to just over 1,000 current entries. The graph below, based on statistics collected by CoinMap contributor Rene-Lee Sylvain, shows the number of CoinMap entries from the end of October to 27th November. Graph showing entries on These statistics are based on the map's total number of entries, which is displayed publicly on the site. Sylvain said: "When I....

Nearly 4,000 Bitcoin-Accepting Businesses Listed on

It's been a little while since I've paid a visit to, admittedly. The last time I posted about this useful little service was in early February, when about 3,000 businesses that accept bitcoin were listed. Fast forward to today, and find that nearly 4,000 bitcoin-accepting businesses are marked on this map on six continents. Actually, there number is 3,938, but we reckon it will reach the 4,000 mark in the matter of a few days. Back in late December, had crossed the 2,000 business mark, so you see bitcoin acceptance is continuing its amazing growth around the world.....