Bitcoinity Down, Chart Addicts Panic

Bitcoinity Down, Chart Addicts Panic

Now more than any time is a crucial time for chart-watchers everywhere. Bitcoinity is down, as far as we can tell - and a quick scan of tweets indicates we're not the only one. With the price of bitcoin tanking, many thousands of users are glued to the charts, wondering what the next price move will be for bitcoin. But this isn't yet another reason for you to panic. There are alternatives. So - in order to satisfy your chart fix, you can go to for a similar chart. You can also hit Both, at the time of this writing, are up and running. Let us know your....

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Bitcoinity Switches Default Bitcoin Unit to mBTC

Popular bitcoin charting and monitoring service Bitcoinity has switched the default bitcoin unit to mBTC today. A rather large banner with the text "Don't panic" greets users noting of the switch, along with the simple legend: 1,000 mBTC = 1 BTC and 1 mBTC = 0.001 BTC. The move comes as the price per whole bitcoin has reached four digits, which many argue has scared away newcomers to the virtual currency with the mindset they could only buy bitcoins as whole units and not in partial. The theory is that using mBTC will make the price of bitcoin a bit more manageable and easier to swallow,....

Coming up Tomorrow: Bitcoinity Q&A Session

Just a small teaser. Tomorrow on newsBTC we'll be posting a small Q&A session with Kacper Cieśla, founder of the super-useful Bitcoinity data website. Bitcoinity is a free way to visualize market data and trends in real time.

Getting Improved Bitcoin-Related Charts

So you're looking for better charts in your Bitcoin research. That's well and good. A few days ago, during a short Q&A session with Bitcoinity's founder, I learned about a new data source at It's located at, and there you will find a number of interesting an informative charts. From the expected Bitcoin price, trading volume, to mining difficulty and network hashrate. Check it out.

A Short Q&A With Bitcoinity Founder Kacper Cieśla

Bitcoinity. If you've spent any amount of time in this community, changes are you know exactly what it is. For those who don't, perhaps serves as one of the leading - if not the leading - Bitcoin charting 'service' on the web. Keeping track of the price of Bitcoin at multiple exchanges in multiple currencies has been critically useful for many of us. I know I personally keep it open in a tab throughout the day. At any given time of the day, thousands of people are carefully monitoring where the price of Bitcoin is going at their preferred exchange. But being me, the price....

For Addicts And Debt Slaves, Bitcoin Is A Bright Light In A Dark Place

A former drug and alcohol addict discusses our addiction to fiat money, debt slavery and how Bitcoin inspires him for the future.