5 Ways to Play Bitcoin on the Public Markets

5 Ways to Play Bitcoin on the Public Markets

As the bitcoin economy expands, so do the number of ways to gain exposure to the all-conquering cryptocurrency. Public equity markets are still a popular and convenient way for many retail investors to park their cash. Here's a list of five (OK - four and a quarter, accounting for the Bitcoin Investment Trust and Zynga) stocks that you can buy to gain exposure to bitcoin without actually having to hold the cryptocurrency yourself. 1. BTX Trader. WPCS International (NASDAQ) announced the release of its bitcoin trading application BTX Trader on 26th December. The company's stock price jumped....

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Play-to-Earn, Metaverse and the New Generation of Fantasy Gaming Solutions

Traditional gaming is moving to the blockchain, and in more ways than one. CoinTelegraph recently reported on this, for the full deep dive check out the article here. Let’s revisit here why industry is about to explode and here is why: The gaming industry is growing, FAST. The number of gamers sits at 3.24 billion per a recent report from Statista.  With the expansion of mobile network users across Latin America and Asia over the next decade this number will only continue to grow. Blockchains make it possible for gaming economies to organically form. By adopting a Play-To-Earn model, the....

Mars4 Metaverse Launches A Rewarding Affiliate Program

Crypto enthusiasts all over the world are looking for ways to increase their earnings. One of the best ways to monetize your passion for the crypto world is to promote blockchain projects via affiliate programs. The play-to-earn NFT game Mars4 is introducing an affiliate program to anyone interested in promoting Mars4 to earn a generous […]

Heroes of Arcan Announces Community-Driven Heroic Fantasy Play-to-Earn Game

PRESS RELEASE. Heroes of Arcan aims to create a play-to-earn game that offers players engaging, challenging peer-to-peer strategic gameplay backed by ethical, carbon-neutral blockchain technology. The play-to-earn revolution has catalyzed global change in blockchain and cryptocurrency markets, with over 750,000 individual blockchain wallets now participating in play-to-earn and NFT-based games on a daily basis. With over $4 billion USD invested in play-to-earn games by Venture Capital over the course of 2021, blockchain-based games that allow players to earn real-world currency by playing....

NFT Steez and Cryptoys CEO discuss the future of toys within Web3 environments

NFT Steez chats with Cryptoys CEO Will Weinraub about the future of toys, entertainment and play in blockchain-based games. On Oct. 14, NFT Steez, a bi-weekly Twitter Spaces hosted by Alyssa Expósito and Ray Salmond, met with the founder of Cryptoys, Will Weinraub to discuss the current role of play and toys in regard to their integration with nonfungible tokens and Web3 as a whole. Weinraub believes that the act of play is "not restricted to children'' and believes that as adults, "we still crave the element of play throughout life." According to Weinraub, through the development of....