Las Vegas Casinos Accept Bitcoin, But Not for Gambling

Las Vegas Casinos Accept Bitcoin, But Not for Gambling

The D Las Vegas Casino Hotel and Golden Gate Hotel & Casino have announced they will become the first hotels in Las Vegas to directly accept bitcoin for purchases. Notably, acceptance will be limited to certain sections of the hotels, including the Golden Gate's front desk and the D's front desk, gift shop and on-site restaurants American Coney Island and Andiamo Steakhouse. However, bitcoin will not be an accepted payment method on the casino floor, Derek Stevens, co-owner and CEO of the D and Golden Gate, told CoinDesk, due to ongoing concerns from state regulators. Golden Gate is....

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At first blush, bitcoin and gambling seem like a pretty comfortable pair and it seems to be flourishing. The concept of bitcoin and in-casino gambling may be a bit further off right now for the mainstream, but it's coming. And Ardon Lukasiewicz, brother of Coinsetter CEO Jaron Lukasiewicz, is all-in on bitcoin and brick-and-mortar casinos. "I'd like to pursue Las Vegas as the bitcoin mega-destination," he says. Lukasiewicz is the CEO of Bitmarkers, a company that plans to offer frictionless movement for gambling money via the use of bitcoin. Unlike the relatively unregulated online....

Las Vegas Casinos Accept Bitcoin

2 Las Vegas hotel-casinos to start accepting #Bitcoin: - 7NEWS Denver Channel (@DenverChannel) January 21, 2014

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Tourists visiting the gambling and entertainment mecca of the US can now get their cryptocurrency at The D Las Vegas Casino Hotel. The D has partnered with Robocoin, a fellow Las Vegas-based company, to place a bitcoin ATM inside its casino. The machine allows users to both buy and sell the currency. Derek Stevens, CEO of the D Las Vegas Casino Hotel, said in a statement: "We're proud to be the first casino property to accept bitcoin and we're excited to offer our customers the convenience of a bitcoin ATM." Vegas and compliance. The D Casino Hotel is located downtown on Fremont Street,....

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