Blockchain Teases New Website

Blockchain Teases New Website

What could it mean? Oh hey, something interesting just popped up. Shhhhhhhh. ) - (@blockchain) February 2, 2014. Blockchain just tweeted this a few hours ago. Looks like they purchased on 28 January, 2014 based on a simple whois search. Until recently, belonged to an unknown entity, whose identity was protected with WhoisGuard. Blockchain has been trying to purchase the domain since the summer of 2012, and it seems like they've finally succeeded. Most likely, users will now be able to access their wallets from....

Related News Teases New App, Website

Since bitcoin has begun to grow at an incredible pace since last year, has grown with it. The website serves as perhaps the community's most important assets - allowing users to easily make sense of the Bitcoin blockchain. And with over one million users,'s online web wallet product (dubbed MyWallet) has also become a useful tool and learning instrument for the scores of individuals who have recently discovered bitcoin. On Sunday, teased two new products via Twitter. The first of which is a new domain name, Originally.... The World's Number One Bitcoin Website (And Wallet)

Our friends over at CoinDesk have today published an interesting piece surrounding The website, in short, is a great resource even if you're new to the community - allowing visitors to view the block chain (transaction ledger) easily and also create and use a bitcoin wallet. No surprise, but the website is the number one bitcoin-related website in the whole of the Internet. The website has reportedly grown by a whopping 50 percent in the last month alone, and is seeing upwards of 3 million unique visitors last month. As far as hosted bitcoin wallets go,

Nic Cary Teases Upcoming Blockchain iOS App

Good news, iPhone owners! Now that Apple has revised its App Store Review Guidelines to allow apps that “facilitate transmission of approved virtual currencies,” more and more bitcoin wallets are popping up on the App Store. CoinJar was the first app to reemerge and just recently, the open source Coin Pocket was approved for App Store distribution. But it’s not going to stop there. A brand new, iOS 7-style Blockchain app is being developed and could be released very soon. A few hours ago, Blockchain’s CEO posted this tweet with a screenshot of the new app: The Bumpy Road to the App Store.....

The Graph Raises $12M in GRT Token Sale; Teases Mainnet Launch in 30-60 Days

Decentralized data-indexing protocol The Graph has raised $12 million in a public sale of its native GRT token.

Overstock CEO Teases 'Historic' Blockchain Announcement

Newly back from a leave of absence, Overstock CEO Patrick Bryne is already promising big blockchain news ahead. Addressing a group of investors during a Q2 earnings call today, Byrne spoke about Overstock subsidiary Medici, the division of the online retailer developing the post-trade blockchain project tØ. Byrne said: "You’ll see a historic announcement in the weeks ahead. If all goes well, about four-ish weeks from now." Elsewhere, Byrne discussed how the company might monetize its blockchain R&D efforts and related investments. Notably, Byrne said the company is open to....