Is Bitcoin a Black Swan Event?

Is Bitcoin a Black Swan Event?

The term "Black Swan Event" describes certain events in history so profoundly unexpected and massive in scale, that they fundamentally changed the course of history. There are good Black Swans (the unpredicted rise of the internet), and bad Black swans (rise of Hitler). The absurdity of a Black Swan ever existing was so outrageous during the middle ages....

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Bitcoin And Omicron: Is Another Black Swan Brewing?

Back in March of 2020, those taking position ahead of the Bitcoin halving were blindsided by the Black Thursday market selloff, driven by panic at the onset of the COVID pandemic and subsequent lockdowns. With the new Omicron strain making headlines, and lockdowns once again considered, could the cryptocurrency market be facing another dangerous macro storm and catastrophic collapse? Omicron & The Return Of The Black Swan Trend Line According to Wikipedia, a black swan is “an event that comes as a surprise, has a major effect, and is often inappropriately rationalized after the fact....

Famed Investor, Black Swan Author Is “Getting Rid Of” His Bitcoin, Here’s Why

Bitcoin price is trading near $50,000 and the uptrend appears to be just now getting under way. So why then, is the author of the Black Swan, Nassim Nicholas Taleb choosing now to sell his BTC? His credentials also include options trader, mathematician and risk analyst. Is his warning something investors should seriously heed – or has he got it all wrong this time? Black Swan Author Blasts Crypto Investors, Begins Selling Bitcoin Nassim Nicholas Taleb upset […]

XRP Price Plummets as SEC Targets the Ripple-Backed Cryptocurrency

XRP has seen some turbulent price action as of late, with the recent SPARK airdrop giving it massive momentum that sent its price as high as $0.90 on some exchanges, with this proving to be a sell the news event that has caused it to see some serious downside. One black swan event that is […]

Bitcoin will shrug off FTX 'black swan' just like Mt. Gox — analysis

There might not be much new to worry about when it comes to the FTX aftermath and Bitcoin resilience. Bitcoin (BTC) will recover from the FTX “black swan event” just like other setbacks, trading team Stockmoney Lizards believes.In a tweet on Nov. 12, the popular commentator argued that the week’s events were actually nothing new for Bitcoin.FTX "a real black swan event"Despite falling 25% in days, BTC/USD is not doomed as a result of the insolvencies impacting FTX, Alameda Research and possibly other major crypto companies.For Stockmoney Lizards, the unravelling, while sudden, is not....

Could Medical Debt Be The Black Swan Event That Takes Down The US Economy?

While inflation runs hot and rising interest rates don’t seem to help, health care and medical debt may be the thing that takes the country by surprise.