Cryptocurrency Trader: Bringing Sexy To The Realm Of Crypto Trading

Cryptocurrency Trader: Bringing Sexy To The Realm Of Crypto Trading

Although certainly not an absolute requirement, a quality cryptocurrency trading terminal can make all the difference in the world when it comes to both trading efficiency and potential profitability. On April 11th, member Kilzeus has released a newly updated version of his most excellent and truly free Cryptocurrency Trader trading terminal. No registration is required to download the trading terminal. The Cryptocurrency-Trader trading terminal aims to seamlessly integrate cryptocurrency trading across multiple exchanges. Among it's many desirable features are a clean,....

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Exclusive Interview with Bitcoin Trader

Bitcoin Trader is the Brand name of Bitcoin Trader Holding Inc. Under the program Bitcoin Trader, Holding Inc. is providing its clients the opportunity to earn a substantial and sustainable passive income. Last week Bitcoinist has posted a Review about the Bitcoin Trader Services, this week we give you an inside approach with Thomas Oppermman, the Public Relations Manager of Bitcoin-Trader. I hear Bitcoin-Trader has opened last year, but already has a huge and growing number of customers; can you tell us a little bit about Bitcoin-Trader history and how the concept of your Platform was....

Trader Sues OKCoin Over Lost Litecoin

A cryptocurrency trader based in China's Hunan province is bringing a lawsuit against cryptocurrency exchange OKCoin. According to court documents, the trader deposited the cryptocurrency litecoin in an account at the exchange, only to wake up the next day to find the funds traded without his notice. The filing asserts that the trader believes he was the subject of a successful hack, and that representatives of OKCoin should bear responsibility. He further claimed that the IP address used to execute the trade was based in Hong Kong. In total, the trader estimates his total loss at $2,900.....

5 Things You Must Know Before Day Trading Crypto

Day trading cryptocurrency involves entering and exiting multiple positions during trading hours on the same day. Typically, a day trader would never leave an open position overnight as they intend to profit through intraday price movements. Although day trading is a common strategy for a traditional financial instrument, it works perfectly well for cryptocurrency. Still, […]

Thieves Grab $451K in Cash From Hong Kong Crypto Trader

The robbers lured a female cryptocurrency trader into an office and threatened her with a weapon, according to a report.

Crypto Trader Offers Roadmap To Chainlink Buckling Against Bitcoin

Few coins in the crypto world have performed anywhere near as well as Chainlink – Bitcoin included. After nearly three steady years of overperformance against the most dominant cryptocurrency, LINKBTC could have also topped alongside the USD pair. One top crypto trader with a track record of successful calls has shared a new chart outlining […]