CNBC Explores Bitcoin

CNBC Explores Bitcoin has released their digital documentary "The Bitcoin Uprising" this morning. The documentary follows reporter Mary Thompson into the world of bitcoin, from home-based mining operations to the deep web. Thompson and one of her producers, Karina Frayter, decided to create this piece after realizing that a 1-minute 'hit' (or story) on the....

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Overheard On CNBC: If It Wasn’t For Bitcoin, Gold Would Be $3K

Bitcoin is making headlines left and right on media outlets everywhere, but none more so than CNBC. According to a well respected journalist, during a segment on CNBC it was said that gold would be trading at $3,000 an ounce if it wasn’t for Bitcoin. Here’s why that statement is probably true, and why the […]

(Video) New Documentary Explores the Roots of Bitcoin

In the below documentary, IamSatoshi Films explores the roots of Bitcoin. The film explores the aspect of Bitcoin that is often overlooked, how the political unrest of the early 2010s may have contributed to Bitcoin's success, as people were dissatisfied with the bailouts given to bankers earlier on. The allure of being one's own bank and having control of one's funds in the extreme would clearly attract those who were upset at the present system. The film presents original footage and interviews from 2012 to present day, painting a picture of Bitcoin which often is forgotten. The....

CNBC Gives Charlie Lee The Platform On The Benefits Of Litecoin Over Bitcoin

Litecoin founder Charlie Lee spoke on CNBC, explaining the differences between Litecoin and Bitcoin. He reiterated past comments on it being cheaper and faster. But, what’s interesting is that CNBC rarely gives much coverage to LTC, yet Lee had the opportunity to promote his project to a mainstream audience. Litecoin is One of a Few […]

CNBC Video Says Bitcoin Is Store Of Value But Not Currency, Misses The Big Pi...

CNBC Portraying BTC As A Store Of Value Isn't Pessimistic As It Outlines The Electronic Cash's Path To Full Monetization.

The Winklevoss Twins Discuss Bitcoin on CNBC

Perhaps the surname Winklevoss sounds familiar to you. Maybe even the Winklevoss twins is more familiar. They're the duo that sued Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg for allegedly ripping off their 'ConnectU' social network at Harvard. Well, they're avid Bitcoin investors and see it's promising much like you may. They appeared this morning on CNBC to discuss bitcoin, which is something you may find interesting. The report describes bitcoin as Gold 2.0. Very interesting stuff, indeed. [via CNBC]