CCEDK Exchange Opens its Doors With 1,000 Bitcoin Pool

CCEDK Exchange Opens its Doors With 1,000 Bitcoin Pool

There's been a lot of chatter over the past few days about a new bitcoin exchange based out of Denmark. As noted in our coverage, this exchange is touting maximum security as one of its main selling points. Read more: New Danish Bitcoin Exchange Touting Maximum Security. Today the exchange, named CCEDK, has finally launched. In effort to act as a transparent operation, exchange founder Ronny Boesing has reportedly made 1,000 bitcoins available for trading - a fairly large liquidity pool for a newly-launched exchange. A view of the exchange's operation shows a rather amateur-looking....

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Exclusive: An Interview with Ronny Boesing - CEO of CCEDK

Recently we had a chance to interview Mr. Ronny Boesing - the CEO of Denmark's first and only Cryptocurrency exchange. Founded last year, CCEDK is one of the well-known exchanges in the region. CCEDK offers support for trading multiple crypto-fiat pairs. The company is also on its way to launch a new Bitcoin debit card, which acts more like a real debit card than other existing prepaid debit cards issued by other Bitcoin companies. We asked Ronny a lot of questions about himself and CCEDK. He has a lot of interesting things to share. You can find the interview below. NewsBTC: How did you....

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Exclusive: NewsBTC Interviews Ronny Boesing from CCEDK, OpenLedger and OBITS

We had earlier interviewed Ronny Boesing, the CEO of CCEDK. In that interview, he explained about the origins of CCEDK and how he got drawn into the cryptocurrency sector. A lot of things have happened with CCEDK since then, including the recent launch of OBITS, an OpenLedger based crypto-token. So, here we are back with Ronny to know about the latest news from inside CCEDK and OpenLedger. NewsBTC: CCEDK has been in the news a lot lately, especially about the launch of OBITS and how it is different from other cryptotokens? Can u please elaborate a bit about that? Ronny: Unlike other....