Free Multi-Signature API Could Help Boost Bitcoin App Security

Free Multi-Signature API Could Help Boost Bitcoin App Security

It's just become much easier for developers and startups to boost the security of their bitcoin products and services. A new multi-signature API has been released by BlockCypher, a Boost VC-backed startup, allowing anybody to easily add the security-enhancing feature to their own applications. Multi-signature transactions involve multiple parties who are required to provide consensus in order to authenticate a transaction - an escrow-like situation operating on the block chain. BlockCypher's founder and CEO Catheryne Nicholson told CoinDesk that the API is a way to provide a secure....

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Coinkite Offers its Multi-Sig Wallet... For Free

Bitcoin wallet company Coinkite is now free... Or rather their sophisticated, multi-signature wallet is free. Company CEO Rodolfo Novak explains that the amount of bitcoins lost or stolen over time has caused him to feel a twinge of sadness for customers and digital currency enthusiasts, and he and his staff wanted to give those loyal to Coinkite an early Christmas gift in the form of a free, secure bitcoin wallet. Novak states: "Honestly, I think the biggest driver for making the multi-signature free is that I'm sick and tired of seeing people post on Reddit that they lost money. It....

Coinkite Goes Free! Offers Privacy and Multi-Signature Wallets at No Cost

For those that may not know Coinkite, it’s an independent business that focuses of bitcoin wallets, along with multi-signature wallets, touts bank-grade security along developer API and privacy. As CEO Rodolfo Novak would describe it, it’s a one-stop shop for everything you need. Coinkite just celebrated a year’s worth of hard work and dedication to the bitcoin infrastructure. To kick the next chapter off, they decided to offer a starter package to all users for free, knocking off the previous one percent withdrawal charges.

Gem Brings Bitcoin Multi-Signature Security to expresscoin Platform

Gem, the Venice, Calif. -based Bitcoin startup offering a multi-signature-based security platform to Bitcoin developers, has partnered with expresscoin, the Santa Monica, Calif. -based digital currency retailer. The partnership will offer Gem's scale-able and secure API wallet to expresscoin users, initially powering internal accounts and operations and eventually powering co-branded, end-user wallets with Gem's multi-signature security solution, thus providing an alternative to expresscoin's current bring-your-own-wallet environment.

Bitfinex Partners with BitGo to Offer Multi-Signature Bitcoin Wallets to Customers

World's leading Bitcoin exchange Bitfinex has partnered with multi-signature technology provider BitGo following the recent hot wallet compromise in which 1500 Bitcoins were stolen. The exchange announced the integration of the multi-signature technology via a press release. Bitfinex will now provide a multi-signature wallet to each customer, allowing traders to keep track of their funds on the blockchain. With this development, the Bitcoin exchange also expects to avert any future hot wallet compromises or at least minimize the impact. Since each user will have an individual multi-sig....

South Korean Bitcoin Exchange Launches Multi-Signature Wallet

Coinone, a bitcoin exchange in South Korea, recently announced a multi-signature wallet. According to its CEO Myunghun Cha, it was time for the bitcoin exchange to offer "equal level of safety and control" as other multi-signature wallet providers. The company makes use of a third-party API through BitGo, which they deemed as the answer to many security concerns facing exchanges and online wallets. "With its implementation, we hope to bring in more users from the national and international pool of bitcoin users," Cha added. Coinone Bitcoin Exchange Operations. Coinone was built by Devign....