Nxt Rebound: Nxt Price Rises 14% in 24 Hours

Nxt Rebound: Nxt Price Rises 14% in 24 Hours

Over the past week, many altcoins have experienced significant price increases. What is striking about this trend is that it has not only affected altcoins with small market caps (whose prices are easy to manipulate) but has stretched to altcoin heavyweights such as Dogecoin and now Nxt, who have previously encountered prolonged price declines. CCN analyzes the Nxt price increase within the context of its recent downtrend. Nxt Price Rises 14% in 24 Hours. The Nxt price rose 14% in 24 hours from September 4-5. On September 4, the Nxt price was 5,980 satoshis. For most of the day, the Nxt....

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The last week of 2016 has seen bitcoin push the pedal in its continuing rally as the cryptocurrency rises toward the $1,000 milestone. Bitcoin price has gained over 34% in the past month alone, streaking from $727.18 on the Bitstamp Price Index (BPI) on November 29, to today’s and the newest annual high of $980.74, at the time of publishing. Having steadily risen through most of December’s trading period, the price of bitcoin to the dollar shifted gears to surge from $791.41 on December 20 to $870.78 on December 22. While the handful of days remaining in 2016 wind down, bitcoin price broke....

Ethereum (ETH) Price Trends: 4/14/2016

Ethereum’s price is currently in a rebound towards the downward trend. How deep will this rebound be? Will the rebound grow into a turn to growth? The short-term upward trend is actually a rebound toward the medium-term downward dynamics. So it’s a bit too early to be talking about a turnaround in the medium-term scale. For the continuation of the downward trend to become likely, Ethereum’s price has to fortify at the level of $8. After forming a turn there, there will be a good chance for the downward trend to continue. That will indicate that the bulls are a minority at that level. But....

Bitcoin Price Analysis: 3/24/2016

The minimal target of the upward trend has been reached. Bitcoin’s price is in rebound before a new push. What direction will Bitcoin choose? The upward trend didn’t follow through, but despite that, Bitcoin’s price has still reached its nearest target. The level of $418-19 was a peak of a bearish rebound within a larger scale trend. Movements like these are usually followed by a rebound towards the larger structure, which in our case has started at $403. The peak of that rebound is going to be around $410.5, where Bitcoin’s price may suddenly stop and pick a direction.

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Last week, rumors surfaced that the United States Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) had sent inquiry letters to various companies who have released securities on crypto 2.0 platforms. Some investors became anxious that the SEC was targeting the platforms themselves. This uncertainty led to a brief drop in the price of Counterparty's native currency, XCP. However, Counterparty responded that the SEC has not contacted them and that since their platform is open-source, they are not responsible for how people use it. Since Counterparty's clarification, the XCP price has increased more than....

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Calls for a sharp rebound in the YFI market are growing after the token’s 56 percent decline in the last ten days. At least three independent analysts have provided credible support ranges for YFI/USD in the last 24 hours, a period that has also seen the pair dropping by 18 percent to circa $14,700. A […]