Furniture Company Möbler Design Now Accepts Bitcoin

Furniture Company Möbler Design Now Accepts Bitcoin

Bitcoin adoption added another notch to the stick this week when up-and-coming design company, Möbler, announced that it will be accepting Bitcoin payments for its innovative furniture design, corporate interior design and retail design services. Möbler is based in Johannesburg, South Africa, from where the company designs and dispatches custom furniture and interiors, as well as office and shop designs to the accelerating continental African retail sector. In a radical rethink of the traditional you-come-to-us design business model, Möbler offers customers, wherever they are, an....

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Singapore Architecture and Design Firm to Accept, Keep Bitcoins

An award-winning architecture and interior design firm in Singapore says it is the first of its kind to accept bitcoin payments from clients. Furthermore, the company intends to keep the coins to pay its business costs in future. TOPOS Design studio, located in Upper Cross Steet near Singapore's central business district, is an international architectural and interior design firm that has won seven International Design Awards in the past two years and has been shortlisted for two others. It also has offices in Hong Kong and Dubai, and designs for clients in all major areas: hospitality,....

KnCMiner Finalizes Design For World's First 20nm Bitcoin ASIC Miner

KnCMiner says it has finalized the design of what should be the world's first 20nm bitcoin ASIC miner. The company is still not saying much about the upcoming ASIC or the rollout schedule, it merely states that the 'tape-out' was achieved only three months after starting the project. The actual tape-out happened sometime in February. In electronics, a tape-out is the last stage of the design cycle for an integrated circuit. KnCMiner teamed up with Alchip and Advanced Semiconductors Technology (AST) to design and produce the chip. The company points out that its first generation ASICs were....

Pornhub Now Accepts XRP, DOGE, BNB and USDC

The adult entertainment website now accepts payment in 16 cryptocurrencies.

Pizza Hut Venezuela Now Accepts Crypto Payments

The Venezuelan arm of the restaurant chain now accepts dash and bitcoin through CryptoBuyer.

Outpost Thrift: The Latest Addition to Sean's Outpost

Outpost Thrift's exterior. Last week Sean's Outpost, the world's most active bitcoin charity, opened the doors to it's newest project: a thrift shop in the Outpost's hometown of Pensacola, FL. Boasting "over 11,000 square feet of knick-knacks, furniture, kitchen ware, toys, clothing, appliances, and so much more," Outpost Thrift gives even people of modest means a way to support homeless outreach while getting some pretty sweet antique pepper grinders and a VHS of True Lies. I personally got my hands on a very affordable 'Cheers' mug and some tasteful wine glasses. Sean's Outpost obtained....