How to Trade Bitcoin

How to Trade Bitcoin

As soon as day traders realized that Bitcoin may be here to stay, a large number of them decided to start trading bitcoins on various Bitcoin exchanges. Although the early days of Bitcoin were plagued with plenty of scams where exchanges or wallet providers would run away with the bitcoins overnight, the reality is that we are now looking at a much more mature market for trading bitcoins. Whether you're looking to enter your trades manually or have some bots do all the work for you, it's important to understand how Bitcoin trading actually works before you dive into the deep end. Choosing....

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Bitcoin Price Watch; Live Trade!

Here's a look at what we are focusing on in the bitcoin price this evening. So that’s another day done out of Europe in the bitcoin price, and once again, we’ve had plenty to go at. As a matter of fact, as we right this analysis, we are in a short trade based on our predefined strategy that we outlined this morning. This trade is ongoing towards a downside target of 685 flat – a level we came close to hitting a little earlier on but didn’t quite make it – and so, for now at least, we won’t be getting into any fresh trades. Our strategy dictates that we let one trade mature before kicking....

Distributed Trade Conference On Track, for Financial Services and Trade Networks

Distributed: Trade is the upcoming global blockchain conference focusing on trade networks and financial services. The use of blockchain technology in trade and financial services is the hot thing in the recent days. Now we have the first ever global conference focusing on these core areas, scheduled next month. ‘Distributed: Trade’, as the conference is called, will be held at the Washington University in St. Louis. The Distributed: Trade conference is the place where one can find leading blockchain technology-based service providers along with major enterprises and financial institutions....

Iran Crypto Businesses Finally Get Permitted To Use Bitcoin Payments

Iran has now finally given a green signal to the use of cryptocurrency for imports into the nation while international trade sanctions are underway. This approval has come from Iran’s Industry, Mines and Trade Ministry. Trade Minister Reza Fatemi Amin gave confirmation that these regulations which are quite detailed have been approved and were in […]

Bitcoin Is The Solution To The World’s Trade Problems

Global trade needs to be built on an incorruptible standard that has no political or nationalistic affiliation.

Another Bitcoin Exchange Shuts Down With Little Warning

Another bitcoin exchange may have joined the ranks of ripoffs and scams tainting the bitcoin community. Crypto-Trade recently announced its closure on January 26, with a small window for users to retrieve their funds. In an announcement, Crypto-Trade issued their warning without any prior notice that they were having problems. Important Announcement! Due to very low volume and lack of good userbase, Crypto-Trade has decided to shutdown permanently due to inability to cover its expenditures on rented servers, staff salary and site promotion. All the users are requested to withdraw their....