Advisory Group Finds Divergent Digital Currency Regulations around the World

Advisory Group Finds Divergent Digital Currency Regulations around the World

Mercator Advisory Group, a leading financial industry consulting firm, has released a research note on digital currency regulation worldwide. The note is titled 'Global Digital Currency Regulations: Divergent Paths' and is available for perusal for the tidy sum of $1250. Mercator has identified five different classes of digital currency regulation that have been enacted around the world that falls on a spectrum that goes from positive to negative. Tristan Hugo-Webb, Associate Director of the International Advisory Service and author of the paper, wrote: The global payments industry has....

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Mercator Advisory Group has published a research note on global bitcoin regulation, making it the latest established name in the financial industry to release a report on bitcoin. The note, titled 'Global Digital Currency Regulations: Divergent Paths', examined trends in digital currency regulation and concluded that industry development is currently hampered by a lack of regulatory consistency. "The global payments industry has been taken aback by the rise of the new payment technology represented by bitcoin and other digital currencies, which at its core has the potential to radically....

US Treasury Adds Digital Currency Representative to Advisory Group

At the latest Bloomberg Breakfast event held in New York on 18th March, David S Cohen, Under Secretary of the US Department of the Treasury, discussed the challenges of digital currencies as part of a broader conversation with the media outlet's Matt Miller to air on Bloomberg TV. In the hour-long talk, Cohen spoke about the organisation's role as a global leader in educating consumers and governments on the evolving issue, paying a particular interest to the potential illicit uses of digital currencies, as well as the measures it is willing to take to ensure their proper use. Most....

Blythe Masters Joins Digital Currency Advocacy Group as Advisor

The Chamber of Digital Commerce (CDC), a digital currency advocacy group, has appointed former Wall Street executive Blythe Masters to its board of advisors. Masters who joined Digital Asset Holdings - a startup that uses blockchain tech to enhance the settlement of traditional and digital assets - as CEO in March spoke about her new advisory role. She said:

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The Feminist Coalition, a Nigerian advocacy group, found its protest fundraising restricted by legacy financial channels. So it turned to Bitcoin. The post Nigerian Protest Group Finds Sovereign Lifeline In Bitcoin appeared first on Bitcoin Magazine.

Blythe Masters Sees Blockchain Advisory Role at Santander

Spanish banking group Banco Santander has announced that Digital Asset Holdings CEO Blythe Masters will see a new role as the group’s senior blockchain advisor. Spain-based global banking group Santander has announced several new roles for Digital Asset Holdings (DAH) CEO Blythe Masters. In a press release, the banking group revealed Masters’ new position as the banking group’s senior adviser on blockchain. Furthermore, Masters will also join the group’s International Advisory Board as well as the board of its online-only bank, Openbank. Prior to her new position, Masters previously served....