BitGold Closes Massive Funding Round

BitGold Closes Massive Funding Round

With the arrival of the holiday season, many of us have been humming our favorite carols as we complete our shopping and familial preparations. The song "Silver and Gold" prominently comes to mind, although lately it feels as if the title should be changed to "Bitcoin and Gold." Canada-based startup BitGold has managed to close a $3.5 million funding round in advance of a Q1-2015 platform launch. Among the round's participants were Sandstorm Gold, PowerOne Capital and PortVesta Holdings. BitGold is aiming to advance the digital payments world by providing universal access to gold and....

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Canadian Startup BitGold Closes $3.5 Million Funding Round

BitGold has indicated that while it uses blockchain technology, it has pivoted from a focus on bitcoin. Canadian digital currency startup BitGold has successfully closed a $3.5m Series A funding round. Participants in the round included PowerOne Capital, Soros Brothers Investments, Sandstorm Gold and PortVesta Holdings. Notably, the man behind Soros Brothers Investments is Alexander Soros, the son of billionaire investor George Soros. The Toronto-based company offers a consumer-focused Internet platform for global blockchain payments, alongside access to secure and redeemable gold for....

BitGold Inc. Concludes $3.5 Million Investment Round

BitGold has raised $3.5 million from venture capitalists to fund their attempt to digitize gold. BitGold Inc. (not to be confused with Bitreserve's similarly-named bitgold) has just concluded a $3.5 million investment round ahead of its Q1 launch. The company hopes to make gold a viable payment medium once again by offering a multi-faceted platform that includes a gold exchange, a custodial vault, and a payments service. Also read: Gold And Silver On The Blockchain: DigitalTangible Partners With Agora Commodities. BitGold Inc. Concludes $3.5 Million Investment Round. Gold has served as a....

BitGold Announces a Bitcoin-like System for Gold Storage and Payments

BitGold Inc. has announced the public launch of the BitGold platform, a software service that connects gold storage with payment networks, resulting in a banking-like platform for gold. The announcement refers to the BitGold platform as a "new global operating system for gold." In fact, BitGold is a digital payments platform that connects gold stored in real-world vaults with online payments. Though the BitGold press release emphasizes that BitGold is not a cryptocurrency like bitcoin, there are similarities. In particular, the BitGold platform allows for the quick settlement of gold....

Strike Closes $80 Million Funding Round For Its Bitcoin Payments Revolution

The funding round led by Ten31, Washington University and the University of Wyoming enables Strike to expand its products and acquire new business partners.

Hodl Hodl Closes Series B Funding Round

The p2p bitcoin trading and lending platform has successfully closed a Series B funding round of an undisclosed amount.