Introducing CoinDesk Research: Exclusive Insight and Analysis

Introducing CoinDesk Research: Exclusive Insight and Analysis

Today sees the launch of our new in-depth analysis reports service, CoinDesk Research. CoinDesk's platform and resources bring a unique opportunity to provide industry-leading research and insights on the most pressing issues concerning digital currencies and their emergence into mainstream society. For the inaugural CoinDesk Research report, we have chosen regulation as the topic - one that has significant implications for the continued growth of the industry. The Regulation Report explores a number of different perspectives - from governments, entrepreneurs and the digital currency....

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Amid turbulence in markets, economy and society, there's no better time or purpose to launch CoinDesk TV, writes Executive Producer Joanne Po.

Cointelegraph Research Terminal launches, home to critical crypto data reports

The new Cointelegraph Research Terminal brings reports, expert analysis and comprehensive database access — all in one convenient package. Cointelegraph — one of the oldest crypto media companies, founded in 2013 — has launched the Cointelegraph Research Terminal. The Research Terminal will be a convenient one-stop location to find past industry analysis, premium research reports and access to exclusive databases. The website is live, and subscriptions to the premium features are active.Cointelegraph Research has produced some of the best in-depth analyses on the blockchain and crypto....

CoinDesk’s Smart Contracts Research Report Now Available

Following the production launch of the smart contract platform Ethereum, the industry is set to become a more active hotbed for experimentation. However, Ethereum isn't the only innovator in this area of the blockchain space. CoinDesk Research's 'Smart Contracts' report takes a deeper dive into the subject, moving past the hype to provide readers with a comprehensive overview of how the technology is being shaped by today's innovators and explored by enterprise businesses. The 28-page offering explores the concept from its early formations more than a decade ago, while providing insight....

Introducing On-Chain Bitcoin Analysis

In collaboration with Glassnode, Bitcoin Magazine is introducing more Bitcoiners to the world of on-chain analytics.

State of Bitcoin 2014 Report Analyses Emerging Trends

CoinDesk State of Bitcoin 2014 from CoinDesk. Download the full report in PDF form. View more of CoinDesk's Research Reports here. Today, CoinDesk is pleased to release its first ever 'State of Bitcoin' report. This report is not intended to be another guide answering the question 'what is bitcoin?', which we cover in detail elsewhere on our site. Instead, the main aim is to provide an overview of key cryptocurrency trends, challenges, and opportunities, while also highlighting the most important developments over the last year. Earlier this week we published two articles on trends in....