Bitcoin Price Takes Off: Now What?

Bitcoin Price Takes Off: Now What?

At the end of last week, we published a piece highlighting the day's action in the bitcoin price, and offering up our suggestions for likely future action as we headed into the weekend. As well as a short synopsis of what we saw so far, we presented our readers with a few key levels to keep an eye on - key levels around which, with any luck, action would offer clues into where the bitcoin price was headed. Action has now matured over the weekend, and many of our forecast levels have been hit. So, with this said, what will we be watching as we head into a fresh week of trading? Take a quick....

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Here's what we are looking to trade in today's bitcoin price market. Breakout strategy, targets and risk annotated. Well, we’ve finally gotten some volatility in the bitcoin price. Not exactly the type we’d hoped for from a long term perspective, but it’s given us an excuse to get in to a couple of positions overnight and that’s done enough to abate the patience issues we discussed in yesterday morning bitcoin price watch analysis. How things will play out today remains to be seen, but with the bitcoin price having wound up in a consolidatory phase for nearly a full week (if we include the....

Dogecoin Price Technical Analysis for 25/2/2015 - Attacking Support

Dogecoin price traded between 52 and 62 satoshis on Hitbtc throughout yesterday's trading sessions, yet on Cryptsy, the price ranged between 59 and 60 satoshis. Let's take a look at the 4 hour Hitbtc (DOGE/BTC) charts from and plotting the William's Alligator indicator accordingly (look at the below chart). We can notice the following: Dogecoin price has been testing the rising support trend line that we plotted during last week's analysis. However, whenever a bearish candlestick takes price below that level, the following candlestick is always bullish and takes the price....

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Expect Bitcoin to See More Price “Traps” Until This Event Takes Place

Bitcoin saw some wild price action overnight that caused its price to spike as high as $19,600 before facing a rejection that sent it reeling down to $19,050 It was able to find some serious support at this level that has boosted its price action in the time since, with it now trading just over […]

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