Podcast Episode 5: Did Josh Garza of GAW Miners Flee to Dubai?

Podcast Episode 5: Did Josh Garza of GAW Miners Flee to Dubai?

In this lengthy episode, the Roger Ver and OK Coin scandal rages on, with OK Coin now saying it has proof that it did not forge anything. Are these kinds of scandals good for cryptocurrency? Share your thoughts below. Also, an interview with Jonah Dorman and Allen Shinners, two gentlemen closely acquainted with the disgraced former CEO of GAW Miners, Josh Garza. Thank you for sharing and commenting on this podcast. We do appreciate it!

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SEC Charges GAW Miners CEO Josh Garza With Securities Fraud

This article has been updated with comment from Josh Garza's lawyer, Marjorie Peerce. The US Securities and Exchange Commission has charged former GAW Miners CEO Josh Garza with the fraudulent sale of unlicensed securities and the operation of a Ponzi scheme. The complaint, filed today in the US District Court for the District of Connecticut, focuses largely on the sale of Hashlets, the "virtual miners" sold by GAW Miners through its cloud mining site, ZenCloud. The SEC said that Garza and GAW earned roughly $19 million in revenue from the scheme, which evolved from hardware hosting to....

Bitcoin Domain BTC.com Acquired for 1.1 Million USD by Josh Garza of GAWMiners : Update 1Million

The Bitcoin domain BTC.com was purchased by Josh Garza of GAWMiners for a whopping 1.1 million US dollars. As larger players and investors come into the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency world, more money is being invested in properties and businesses. BTC.com was available on the market for a couple of weeks, even CCN was contacted for the possibility of buying the domain. And now it turns out that Josh Garza was the lucky one to acquire it. Josh Garza woke me up at 2:30 am today with this message: Josh Garza. To: Scott Fargo. Date: August 4, 2014, 2:32 AM. So you wanted some news? I just bought....

SEC Sues Josh Garza's Brother for Violating Subpoena

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has filed a lawsuit against an ex-employee of the demised cryptocurrency mining outfit GAW Miners. The Federal Agency has accused Carlos R. Garza of violating a subpoena in relation to their ongoing investigation into GAW Miners and its CEO Josh Garza. The investigation is to know whether the company was engaged in fraud by selling unregistered securities through Hashlet mining products and cryptocurrency PayCoin. SEC is also investigating whether GAW was a Ponzi company, as reported by many of its investors. According to the legal notice....

SEC Sues Brother of GAW Miners CEO Amid Investigation

This story has been updated with additional information. The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has filed suit against a former employee of the now-defunct cryptocurrency mining company GAW Miners. Carlos Garza, according to a 14th August filing, has allegedly refused to comply with a SEC subpoena in connection with its long-running investigation into GAW Miners and CEO Josh Garza. The law enforcement agency is investigating whether GAW violated securities law through the sales of its Hashlet mining products as well as the sales of the cryptocurrency paycoin. The SEC is also....

Podcast Episode 14: Zero Confirmation Bitcoin Transactions with Josh Cincinnati

This episode features Josh Cincinnati, the developer advocate for BlockCypher, a block chain solutions firm. BlockCypher serves ShapeShift.io and their "Confidence Factor" is the reason that ShapeShift is able to process transactions with as little as zero confirmations. Recently this backfired, but Cincinnati says this is to be expected - it is mitigation, not elimination. Also featured is "Service Man" by the Classy Motherfu?kers from the Coachella Valley, a country rock outfit from California. Please enjoy.