Inside Barcelona's Bitcoin Drug Lab

Inside Barcelona's Bitcoin Drug Lab

At the headquarters of Energy Control in Barcelona, Northern Spain, a nondescript envelope arrives. Hidden inside, between layers of cardboard and tape, are two fluorescent pink pills purchased from one of many eBay-style marketplaces on the dark web. For €50-worth of bitcoin, the non-profit provides anyone in the world with a breakdown of the substances contained in their drugs - and the quantity - no questions asked. Energy Control has been carrying out drug checking in raves and at its labs since 1998. Its dark web service, introduced in April 2014, operates under the same premise: to....

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100 Bitcoin ATMs will arrive Spain in the next three months

The first Bitcoin ATM has been installed on February 22th in Barcelona. Image Source. Bbank is the company that distributes the Bitcoin ATMs, and PayMaQ the company that manufactures them in Spain. In Spain, there are not special laws for Bitcoin, so Bitcoin ATMs are regulated by the same laws as vending machines and you do not need a special permission to install them. The company has two different versions. With the first version, users can only buy Bitcoin with cash in euros using bill from 20 to 500€. The second version is still under development, and it will be ready in the next....

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Dark Web Markets Are Running Black Friday Drug Sales

Black Friday, the start of the Christmas shopping season in the U.S. for millions of people, which follows Thanksgiving Day, is a day that many of us can’t escape. Now, though, it appears the dark web it catching on and wants a slice of the money-making pie. According to a report from Vocativ, those searching for a deal on drugs can get their hands on LSD tablets for $2; however, if they purchase ten of more they’ll be given top priority and the ability to refund or reship their order if things go wrong. To provide the upmost confidence to potential customers, the vendor of this deal....

Japan Makes First Bitcoin-Related Drug Arrest

A Japanese drug importer has been arrested after allegedly purchasing narcotics from his Mexican drug runners. The kicker? He apparently bought the drugs via Bitcoin. Ayumu Teramoto, 38, was arrested by a combined police force from Tokyo and the southwestern city of Fukuoka under suspicion of buying a “stimulant drug” from abroad using bitcoin, making this the first case of someone getting arrested for carrying out a drug transaction with the digital currency. The details of the investigation are so far scarse. The term “stimulant drug” is a blanket term, but often describes narcotics like....