Bitcoin Trading Volume Scoring A Historical High!!

Bitcoin Trading Volume Scoring A Historical High!!

Last week's bitcoin price surge, initiated a chain react across all major bitcoin exchanges and bitcoin's trading volume reached its highest point in since late 2014. So, so did the price surge enkindle the rise in the trading volume? or did it go the other way round; the boosted trading volume pushed bitcoin price "to the moon"? Bitcoin Trading Volume Rising Across All Major Exchanges: According to, the bitcoin/USD exchange volume reached $42,637,208 on the 5th of November, the day that witnessed a price high of $447.47 on Bitstamp. Although the price exceeded $500 on the....

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Mastercard is part of a larger effort to introduce social credit scoring under the guise of ESG concerns. Bitcoin fixes this.

Double-digit crypto gains and trading volume — what's the connection?

Unusually high trading volume can be an indication that a crypto asset's price is on the rise. While the crypto markets are clearly led by the swings of Bitcoin and Ethereum, outliers are frequent — and identifying them is often what separates the average traders from the great ones.Compared to the gains-fest of the first few months of 2021, June has been a rather bleak time for crypto investors. Digital asset prices were mostly stagnant and massive rallies were rare, leaving traders to do the hard guesswork: Which asset will do better than most others that are either going down or moving....

Litecoin Drops 87% Trading Volume In Q1 2022

The interest in cryptocurrencies continues to wane in 2022, as does Litecoin’s popularity. The trading volume of Litecoin was eight times lower in the first quarter of 2022 than it was in the first quarter of 2021.  For example, the trading volume from January to March 2022 was around $82 billion, 87% less than in Q1 2021. In the first quarter of  2021, the trading volume was  $674.9 billion. Litecoin (LTC) trading volume crashed by more than $590 billion in quarterly comparison. Related Reading | ApeCoin (APE) Is Now The Biggest Metaverse Token, Edging AXS, MANA, SAND The sharp....

Warning: “Watch Out” For Bitcoin “Bulldozer” When Volume Expands

Volatility is finally increasing after a return to historical lows, but volume has yet to follow. When it does, however, one crypto trader says to “watch out” for the “bulldozer” that will be Bitcoin after a breakout supported by volume expansion. Here’s a look at the last time volume contracted this much, and what to […]