Fake Erik Voorhees Twitter Account Tries to Steal Altcoins, Suspended

Fake Erik Voorhees Twitter Account Tries to Steal Altcoins, Suspended

A fake Erik Voorhees Twitter account is trying to scam users into filling out a survey to steal their altcoins, the latest blog post from the company reveals. Erik Voorhees, CEO of the cryptocurrency exchange ShapeShift.io had reported the account to Twitter; the account is suspended as of now. The fake account used to mirror the CEO's Twitter account, using the same name and the image, however, there was only a minor distinction. The fake account handle is @ErikVorhees (with a single 'o') while the real account is @ErikVoorhees. Users of the fake account spammed people, asking them to....

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Predictably, negativity in regards to Bitcoin is gaining traction as the fiat valuation of it loses the same, and Erik Voorhees, the man behind Coinapult and SatoshiDice you may remember from The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin, has (generously) taken the time to respond to a particularly denigrating article in mainstream website the Daily Dot's supplement The Kernel. The article he is responding to is by Gary North, a person Voorhees feels should know better. If you're wondering why Erik would bother to respond to such an uneducated position, it's because "Bitcoin is ultimately a battle of....

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The chief executive officer of ShapeShift, Erik Voorhees, is cementing himself as a fan of the DeFi space. Decentralized finance (DeFi) has gained many supporters over recent months, Voorhees being one of them. He is an early adopter of Bitcoin that became one of the first public investors and innovators in the space. Related Reading: […]

Erik Voorhees: The Separation of Money and State is the New Separation of Church and State

Shapeshift.io CEO Erik Voorhees was interviewed by Decentralized Applications Fund Managing Director David Johnston at the Texas Bitcoin Conference in late March, and the topics covered in the fireside chat involved everything from Bitcoin regulation to Voorhees' evolving stance on altcoins. Near the middle of the discussion, Johnston asked Voorhees about his philosophical beliefs and what drives him to continue his successful work in the Bitcoin space. Voorhees responded with a fascinating analogy between the freedom to choose one's religion and the freedom to choose one's money. The....