Bitcoin Trading Cautiously Into XT Implementation Day

Bitcoin Trading Cautiously Into XT Implementation Day

Bitcoin trading is prolonging the sideways price path despite several opportunities, during the past few days, to break out of the consolidation into either advance or decline. What is the market waiting for? Bitcoin price fell through both the reference Fib line and its 4-hour 200-period moving average, and still no definitive sell signal has formed in either the 1-hour or the 4-hour chart. The price pattern resembles a base of advance, if viewed a certain way, but it also resembles a B wave teetering on the edge of a precipice – with an imminent sell signal threatening to implode price....

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Litecoin Price Technical Analysis for 13/8/2015 - Cautiously Optimistic

Litecoin has tumbled roughly 5 percent as Bitcoin went weak and has neared the downward sloping support. In the previous Litecoin price technical analysis titled Breaks Out, Buy Near Support, I mentioned that any pressure on Bitcoin will get reflected in Litecoin as well. It was also stated that the support of $3.820 should prevent immediate losses. As can be seen, the cryptocurrency touched an intraday low of $3.820 before retracing. Technical analysis of the daily LTC-USD price chart and the action in the Bitcoin market compel me to be only cautiously optimistic on Litecoin. Litecoin....

Canada Starts Bitcoin Regulation: Virtual Currencies Mentioned In 2014 Budget Implementation Bill

There's A Virtual Currency Provision In The 2014 Federal Budget Implementation Act. Last Friday, Canada's new Minister of Finance Joe Oliver presented the first of two 2014 budget implementation bills to the House of Commons. The bill, that was tabled, was written by recently-resigned former Minister of Finance Jim Flaherty. Flaherty has previously revealed his negative view on Bitcoin in a speech about his 2014 budget implementation plans. As has become increasingly prevalent in the last few decades, the biannual budget implementation bill often becomes bloated with “unrelated measures”....

Banks Likely to Adopt Stablecoins Cautiously Despite Guidance

Banks face a stablecoin conundrum: Build their own projects, with all the overhead that implies, or work with well-placed existing providers.

BlueWallet Releases New Mobile Lightning Dev Kit Implementation

BlueWallet’s new mobile-focused Lightning implementation based on the Lightning Dev Kit brings convenient features to its users.

Anoncoin to Release Zerocoin Implementation on Testnet This Week

Anoncoin is almost ready to release a Zerocoin implementation on a testnet. Many people in the Bitcoin community have been fascinated by the idea of a relatively new project called Zerocoin. Although the Bitcoin core developers don't seem like they're going to implement this feature for improve anonymity on the Bitcoin blockchain, that won't stop other altcoins from doing just that. The original team behind the Zerocoin Project is actually working on a new cryptocurrency based on a deviation from Zerocoin, known as Zerocash, but that hasn't stopped another altcoin community from....