Bitcoin Mining Firm Butterfly Labs Settles with FTC Over Customer Deception Charges

Bitcoin Mining Firm Butterfly Labs Settles with FTC Over Customer Deception Charges

The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has announced that bitcoin mining hardware company Butterfly Labs and two of its operators have agreed to settle charges that pointed to the company deceiving customers. The FTC revealed today that bitcoin mining hardware manufacturer Butterfly Labs and two of its operators: part-owner and vice president of product development, Sonny Vleisides and general manager, Darla Drake have settled charges filed against the company. Under the terms of the settlement, Butterfly Labs must pay the FTC $38,615,161, according to the judgement ordered against the....

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FTC Settles Charges Against Bitcoin Mining Firm Butterfly Labs

The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has announced that it has reached a settlement with bitcoin mining hardware maker Butterfly Labs after it sued the firm in 2014. At the time, the FTC accused Butterfly Labs of deceptive business practices related to the development and sale of bitcoin mining equipment, as well as the receipt of customer funds for product preorders. The agency said today that it has settled charges filed against Butterfly Labs and two of its officers: vice president of product development Sonny Vleisides, who has an ownership stake in the firm, and general manager Darla....

Bitcoin Mining Company Butterfly Labs Settles Case With Federal Trade Commission for $38.6M

Butterfly Labs has agreed to settle the Federal Trade Commission’s charges of making misleading claims about their products to their customers. In a lawsuit that has dragged on since September 2014, the Kansas-based Bitcoin company presold computer hardware that was optimized for mining Bitcoin, charging as much as $30,000 for the specialized hardware. According to the U.S. trade watchdog FTC, Butterfly Labs was taking orders for Bitcoin mining machines, but very few machines were actually shipped, as Butterfly Labs was building and using the hardware to mine bitcoin for itself. In the few....

US Goverment shuts down Butterfly Labs!

Butterfly Labs was one of the very first mining firm is now in deep trouble as US Goverment is taking legal actions against them. Butterfly Labs was accused of fraud and misrepresentation. FTC documents say that the companies assets were frozen. The story began with really upset customers who failed to received their pre paid miners. Butterfly Labs has violated Section 5(a) of the FTC Act. BFL were basically engaging in “unfair or deceptive business practices in or affecting commerce”. We have contacted butterfly Labs to get some information regarding the shut down but they said

Bitcoin Mining Company Butterfly Labs (BFL) Reopens: Starts Issuing Refunds

Infamous Bitcoin mining company Butterfly Labs (BFL) has reopened and has an updated website following their tussle with the FTC. The FTC started investigating Butterfly Labs in late 2014 because "consumers who have purchased the machines or services cannot use them to generate Bitcoins because Defendants [Butterfly Labs] never provide them with the machines or services." BFL would regularly mine on customers' hardware for days before finally shipping it out. Also read: Judge Considers Allowing Bitcoin Mining Company Butterfly Labs (BFL) to Reopen. Butterfly Labs (BFL) Reopens. The....

Butterfly Labs Urges Court to Dismiss FTC's 'Self-Serving' Fraud Charges

Embattled mining hardware company Butterfly Labs has filed a motion to dismiss a Federal Trade Commission (FTC) complaint against the company. Butterfly Labs (BFL) was shut down by the FTC last month following numerous claims of public misrepresentation and downright fraud. However, in spite of nearly 300 customer filings against the company, BFL still insists it is the victim of overzealous regulators and intends to resume limited operations in the near future. The sentiment is evident in the opening remarks of the latest filing, in which the company alleges the FTC headed a