Explosive first week for mining hardware provider Mining Palace

Explosive first week for mining hardware provider Mining Palace

“ROI before the halving!” Does that sound good. Well Miner Palace thinks so too.

How’s this for a great deal on mining hardware, $700 Spondoolies SP31, or try a $350 Antminer S4+. These are the low prices customers are flocking to at Miner Palace (www.minerpalace.com), a U.S. storefront for Bitcoin, Blockchain, and PoW hardware. What makes Miner Palace unique is its inventory of currently active hardware in Savage IO’s BTCaaS data centers, located across 3 separate facilities spanning the United States.

As new hardware arrives, existing hardware becomes available to the community and the storefront!

“We’ve seen an exponential increase in the number of private Blockchain initiatives across the community”, said Paul Abruzzo, Vice President of Engineering at Axiom Cyber Solutions.

“Miner Palace provides integrators with a place to purchase the right hardware for their deployment, while ensuring their customers receive quality gear that’s been vetted as safe, secure and easily integrated into existing operating procedures”

With this Model, Miner Palace hopes to create an ecosystem for fueling the infrastructure behind these projects.

Customer Impact

This model removes many of the hurdles in procuring Bitcoin Mining and PoW hardware. As soon as a customer completes an order, that hardware is taken out of production, inspected, packaged and shipped from our data centers, directly to the customer.

This gives the Bitcoin community confidence in knowing that they are not only getting quality infrastructure, but that all orders ship from within the continental United States. No games. No Pre-Orders. Just real, available gear.

Savage IO is an active member of the enterprise BTC community and has grown that presence over the past two years in offering secure PoW and Blockchain solutions to business customers. As a result, Miner Palace has no shortage of inventory. The site currently carries all types of second and third generation PoW hardware. Go Silent with BTCGarden for those noise sensitive deployments or think data-center big with carrier-grade gear from Spondoolies.

Historically, finding a company that has what you need at a price you can pay is daunting enough, and when you finally find it, you have to wire money half way around the world, and pray your item arrives in good condition. With Miner Palace certified gear, you can pay with Bitcoin, credit card, Paypal or wire, and know that your inventory won’t be stopped at customs or destroyed en-route.

Miner Palace

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