What's Next For CoinDesk?

What's Next For CoinDesk?

CoinDesk first published Bitcoin-related content in May 2013. The website, launched by Spotify angel investor Shakil Khan, came to fruition in just four weeks. “I was just sitting there and I literally had five e-mails that day from very seasoned entrepreneurs asking me, ‘What do you know about Bitcoin?’” said Khan. “There’s a lack of transparent information. Where do you go to read what’s right or wrong?” said Khan at the time. Despite his website launch, Kahn insisted he was not getting into the media business. He called Bitcoin Magazine at the time too technical for a larger audience.....

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Industry Speaks Out As CoinDesk's Text Size Turmoil Continues

Following an unexpected hard fork of the CoinDesk news blockchain today, the much-lauded industry news site continues to experience website issues, users report. At press time, CoinDesk readers were experiencing varying text sizes on the pages of articles as a result of being directed to one of at least two separate histories of the CoinDesk news blockchain. Since the issues began, a number of competing development efforts have emerged in an attempt to address the situation at CoinDesk, with new technological solutions including CoinDesk Supreme, CoinDesk Wild Cherry, CoinDesk with Lime,....

Digital Currency Group Acquires News Outlet CoinDesk

Coindesk, a leading industry news and media outlet has announced today that it has been acquired by Digital Currency Group. Barry Silbert’s Digital Currency Group, an initial investor in Coindesk has now acquired the publication as a whole, with editorial and business teams at CoinDesk to reportedly merge with Digital Currency Group’s events platform to form a new subsidiary based in New York. CoinDesk made the announcement on its website, which read: We are excited to announce that CoinDesk has been acquired by Digital Currency Group (DCG), a leader in the bitcoin and blockchain industry....

Bitfinex Now Included in the CoinDesk Bitcoin Price Index

CoinDesk has added Bitfinex to the Bitcoin Price Index (BPI) today as of 16:00 GMT. Bitfinex, which is incorporated in Hong Kong, has been on CoinDesk's radar for possible inclusion in the BPI for some time now. Over the past several weeks, and particularly since the decline of Mt. Gox, we have observed that Bitfinex has been able to sustain a dramatic increase in its share of the total volume of US dollar-denominated bitcoins traded. CoinDesk has also verified that Bitfinex meets the CoinDesk BPI criteria, which include rules ranging from minimum trade size to maximum customer withdrawal....

CoinDesk Is Spinning Up an Ethereum 2.0 Node. Here’s How to Follow Our Journey

CoinDesk just snagged a front-row seat to a seminal event in the crypto industry. Ticket price: 32 ETH.

CoinDesk Live: Can Old Schools Teach New Tech?

On Oct. 6, we'll reveal the results of our first CoinDesk U ranking of the top-20 universities for blockchain education. Here's how you can watch it live.